The 15 Best Rom-com Manga You Must Read in 2024

Best rom-com manga

In the vast universe of manga, romantic comedy is still plotting love stories that capture our hearts, get us enthralled and crack silly jokes as we take a delightful escape from reality into the world of woozy romance. The Romcom manga world is full of romcom narratives for every reader, whether young or old; they will swoon, laugh and perhaps even cry a little. This carefully chosen list of best romcom manga will fill your heart regardless of whether you are a manga specialist or someone who’s just going to try and get acquainted with the romantic comedy world in 2024.


The story is about Fujishiro Nanaki, she is cute, popular and annoyed with everybody, including her homely classmate Kurokawa Kanade. Nanaki’s life takes a complete turn when she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her, her relationship with her classmate also takes a shift after this incident. The manga tells you the story of the romance between a popular girl and not so attractive simple girl .

2.Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

The whimsical world of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War revolves around the romantic struggle of Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane, a brilliant student council duo. Stuck by vanity, their complicated schemes to put the other first confess bring about a highly amusing dance of teenage extrasensory awareness. One of the best rom-com manga, it masterfully combines comedy and drama as the love affair between Kaguya and Miyuki meanders through a maze of emotions.

3. After the Rain

After the Rain tells a subtle story of silent love. 45-year-old Masami Kondo is the manager of a restaurant where 17-year-old Akira works while secretly having unrequited love for him. The rom-com manga deals with the delicate complexities of human emotions in loving someone despite societal expectations and age differences, it provides a tender narrative that goes beyond the usual romantic norms.

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4. Horimiya

Horimiya is about two high school students Kyōko Hori and Izumi Miyamura who lead a double life. While Hori comes across as a jovial character at school, she turns into quite an adult-like sibling for her younger brother in the confinements of their home. Miyamura, who seems to be initially depressed, shows the opposite picture with three pierced looks. Their decision to hide their actual personalities from peers leads them into an unanticipated bonding, all the while encompassing topics of identity, friendship and acceptance in this light-hearted rom-com manga.

5. Crimson Hero

Meet Nobara Sumiyoshi, a headstrong fifteen-year-old girl who loves volleyball, in Crimson Hero. Nobara, despite being prepared to take up the Okami role inherited in her family’s Japanese restaurant, defies societal demands. Spiking volleyballs is her true calling instead of fitting in, which makes the story about families and dreams a refreshing turn.

6. Rainbow Days

Wander into Rainbow Days from Minami Mizuno, a seemingly classic story set in the nostalgic world. The rom-com manga beautifully illustrates the friendship of four high school students and seasoned it with teenage companionship mixed in with all aspects of first love. It’s fair to say that Mizuno acts as a mirror, highlighting all the best characteristics in his characters while making them relatable. The story is presented with just enough romance and comedy—a perfect choice for people who want lighthearted exploration of friendships and first loves.


Rent-A-Girlfriend follows the journey of college student Kazuya Kinoshita trying to find solace after a breakup. He meets the beautiful Chizuru Mizuhara through an online dating app. The story starts with misunderstandings, family interventions and the price of lies that never end. One of the best rom-com manga, Rent-A-Girlfriend combines humour and romance in a contemporary love story that questions the intricacy of relationships and self-discovery.

8. my Monster Secret

My Monster Secret on this list of best rom-com manga, takes you on a charming adventure when Asahi Kuromine faces an unusual problem – he cannot keep secrets. High school life combines romance, fantasy and comedy when his crush Yoko Shiragami reveals something supernatural. Asahi’s effort to keep it a secret that Yoko is his daughter brings something new and interesting to the story.

9. Tomo-chan Is a Girl

Tomo-chan Is a Girl! talks about the heartwarming story of Tomo Aizawa, a tomboy who is in love with her childhood friend Junichir Kubota. The manga focuses on the struggles of confessing love when where friendships are not as clear. The comical schemes of Aizawa that help Jun realise her feelings for a girl bring humour and tenderness to this rom-com, representing the vulnerability associated with emotions in youngsters and how they mature into true relationships.

10. My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling showcases a different romance with cosplay. Follow Marin and Gojo on their cosplay journeys, watch the characters grow, and see magic in creative teamwork. As a rom-com, this manga is notable for its meticulous artwork and engaging storytelling; it explores relationships and self-expression in an amusing yet profound manner.

11. Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

Read the relationship of Senpai and Nagatoro in Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro. So, this rom-com tells the story of flirting and surprising love between Naoto (Senpai) and a spirited Nagatoro. The manga artfully exploits the “bullying as a sign of affection” trope, growing into a cute and funny take on young people’s first romances.

12. Toradora

Watch the enchanting tale of high-school love between Taiga and Ryuji in Toradora. It is a rom-com manga that tells the story of friendship, misunderstandings and unspoken emotions between two individuals who seem to be mismatched. With humour and heart, Toradora! unveils a delightful love story that transcends the usual high school romance, providing an insightful look into relationships and self.

13. My Senpai is Annoying

Enjoy comedic workplace romance in My Senpai is Annoying. Futuba Igarashi, a dedicated employee with a childlike appearance, faces daily teasing from her senpai, Harumi Takeda. Despite the annoyance, a compassionate bond reveals Igarashi’s secret love. One of the best rom-com manga, focusing more on the enjoyable trip than the storyline itself, develops its humour and touching character relationships through which it presents a delightful look into workplace relationships as well as unseen affections.

14. Sweat and soap

Enter the distinctive universe of Sweat and Soap, a manga about an odd love story in rom-com. Asako, a woman with an excessive sweating habit meets Koutarou, a perfume developer interested in her scent/odour. In the world of office romance, this manga combines humour and awkward charm as they indulge in unexpected love. With a refreshing take on unconventional attractions, Sweat and Soap offers a delightful and distinctive romantic experience.

15. My Little Monster

In My Little Monster, witness the story of Shizuku Mizutani and Haru Yoshida, a very unlikely high school pair. The quiet and intently dedicated Shizuku meets the noisy Haru. The manga astutely mixes comedy with romance as their relationship unfolds to show the facets of both characters. Themes such as love, friendship and self-discovery are explored in this tale against the backdrop of high school life which make it to this list of best rom-com manga.

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