Top 10 Kdramas of the 21st Century: Discover the Kdrama world

Introduction: Top 10 Kdramas

Want to dive into the K-drama world? We have compiled a list of the Top 10 K-dramas of this century that will take you deep into the world of romance, drama, thrillers, and suspense!

(Please note that this is mainly based on rankings.)

10. The Heirs

It is a melodramatic romance series that revolves around a group of privileged high school students from wealthy families. The story follows the blossoming romance between a chaebol heir and a hardworking girl from a modest background.

This series explores themes of class divide, identity, and the pursuit of happiness beyond social status and wealth with everlasting, iconic characters and scenes that will surely make your heart happy!

9. The Extraordinary Attorney Woo

This series follows the story of Woo Young-woo, who is a talented rookie lawyer but is diagnosed with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The story progresses as she takes on challenging cases and overcomes various challenges, be they related to her job or her personal relationships.

This kdrama highlights the reality of people with mental disorders; it focuses highly on the little aspects of everyday life.

8. Descendants of the Sun

This is a romantic drama that is set amidst the turmoil of the fictional war-torn nation of Urk. It surrounds the love story between a special forces captain and a doctor who works for a humanitarian organisation. 

The drama goes on as the leads navigate the challenges of duty, sacrifice, and separation. It is a global sensational series that is packed with thrilling action scenes that will take your breath away.

7. Boys Over Flowers

This is a classic romantic comedy focusing on a working-class girl who gets the opportunity to attend an elite high school, which is dominated by a group of wealthy and handsome boys known as F4.

The story follows her journey as she stands up against her bullies and captures the eye of the leader of the F4, which eventually leads to a love triangle.

The series follows themes like societal expectations and family conflicts alongside humour and unforgettable characters.

6. Sky Castle

It is centered around the lives of wealthy families living in an exclusive residential area called Sky Castle who are obsessed with ensuring their children’s success in education. However, the seemingly perfect community is exposed as secrets, lies, and scandals unravel.

The series explores the dark side of the education system in South Korea, along with intriguing plot twists and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

5. The Glory

It is the perfect revenge story of a girl named Dong-Eun, who was a victim of school bullying and, after years, is determined to seek revenge. It is based on real-life events of school bullying in South Korea. Dong-Eun navigates her mission for revenge, confronts the past, and opens up the pandora box of secrets that shocks the viewers.

The drama delves into the dark consequences of school violence and the trauma it leaves behind. It also explores themes of justice, redemption, and the power of confronting one’s demons.

4. Weightlifting fairy Kim BokJoo

This is a heart-touching coming-of-age story that revolves around Kim Bok Joo, who is a talented weightlifter. The story takes a turn when she falls for her best friend, who is a fellow athlete, which leads to a series of comic and heartfelt moments. Together with her friends, she navigates youth, dreams, relationships, and heartbreak!

This kdrama celebrates friendship and self-acceptance while highlighting the struggles of the athletic world.

3. Its okay not to be okay

This is a story about the unlikely romance between a children’s book author who is diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder and a psychic ward caregiver with a brother who is diagnosed with autism. As they come together, they start their journey of healing and self-discovery and come to terms with their emotional wounds together.

Through unique storytelling with elements of fairytales and beautiful imagery, this kdrama has a refreshing take on mental health.

2. Goblin

This is a fantasy kdrama surrounding a goblin who is cursed to live forever. Alongside a grim reaper, he guides souls to the afterlife. But after centuries, he is getting tired of living forever. Therefore, to get rid of the curse, he has to find his human bride, whose destiny is tied to his own.

The kdrama is the perfect blend of romance, fantasy, and folklore, with heartbreaking chemistry between the leads that will surely make your eyes wet.

1. Reply 1988

This K-drama is set in the late 1980s and follows the lives of 5 close friends and their families. They all live in the Ssangmundong neighborhood of Seoul. The kdrama explores their friendships, the challenges they face in their teens, and how they overcome them.

It is a heartwarming coming of age that explores friendships and family relations with an authentic depiction of 1980s South Korea. It will, for sure, bring comfort and contentment to your heart!

These iconic kdramas have left an everlasting impact on audiences worldwide. So, if you’re a newcomer, there’s no better time to dive into the captivating world of Kdramas and experience the magic for yourself. Happy watching!

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