Top 6 Best Anime Like A Girl with Her Guard Dog

In the world of Anime, there is a lot of anime to watch, but we have brought a few anime that belong to the age gap romance. Where the love story looks similar to A Girl with Her Guard Dog. In the story of the listed anime, there is a difference in the age of the girl and the boy, both meet at an unknown place and fall deeply in love. In this article, we will present 6 best anime for those fans who like age-gap romance, and love stories.

Anime Like A Girl with Her A Guard Dog

Koikimo- It’s Too Sick to Call This Love

Koikimo Anime- Like A Girl with Her A Guard Dog

Koikimo is a beautifully written anime that is based on age-gap romance and filled with comedy. In the story, the main character name Ryou Amakusa is a businessman, On a rainy day, he suddenly falls stairs due to being tired. In a few seconds, an unknown girl comes and saves him from falling, she is a high school girl named Otaku Ichika Arima.

However, as Ichika saves her, Ryou wants to repay her efforts. Ryou flirted with Ichika, and to her delight, Ryou offered to kiss her or go on dates because Ryou developed an interest and started fall in love with Ichika while there is a big age gap between Ichika and Ryou yet he always tries to flirt with Ichika whenever he gets a chance and Ichika calling him creep.

Author: Yuko Kakihara

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Anime

Total Seasons: 12

Release Date: April, 2021

Higehiro – I Shaved The Brought Home a High School Girl

Higehiro Anime-Like A Girl with Her A Guard Dog

Higehiro is a drama, especially for people who like to watch a girl with Guard dog. In the story, the protagonist Yoshida, an office worker, after a long confession Yoshida is rejected by his crush or employer named Airi Gotou. Late at night, He sees a teenage girl named Sayu, and she asks him to stay the night with him. Yoshida meets her and finds out she ran away from home and living on the street, there is no one place for her to stay safely. After that, Yoshida decides to take her home to stay peacefully, he gives her daily work like cleaning and cooking. After further Yoshida finds out he starts overly interested in a teenage girl.

Author: Deko Akao

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Anime

Total Episodes: 13

Release Date: April, 2021

After the rain

After the Rain Anime-Like A Girl with Her A Guard Dog

After the Rain is a love story, for A Girl and her Guard Dog fans. In the story of the anime, the protagonist Akira Tachibana, a teenage girl who has been working in a family restaurant for daily time passes because she falls from her injured ankle while running. She finds that she is slowly attracted to his Boss, Mr Kondo, who is a divorced father of the young boy.

The story of After the Rain is not a romantic love story like others yet the story shows Akira develops interest and falls in love with the guy who is older than her, also there are not the same feelings from the other side, so this is a one-sided love story.

Author: Ayumu Watanabe

Genre: Drama, Slice of life, Anime

Total Episodes: 12

Release Date: January, 2018

Please, Teacher!

Please! Teacher Anime-Like A Girl with Her A Guard Dog

In the list A Girl with Her Guard Dog, Please Teacher is a comedy, romantic anime based on age gap relationship.  The main character Kei Kusanagi is a younger high school student who suffer from a mysterious disease named Standstill for 3 years. He sees a beautiful woman named Mizuho Kazami, she is half human alien who came from another planet to Earth for some reason. One day, Kei dropped down into the lake because he wants to know the true identity of Kazami when she came to rescue him.

As he thought, he determine the true identity of Kazami and return to home. After that, Kazami starts living to the next home of Kei, and also, she become the home teacher of Kei. Fortunately, Kazami and Kei fall in love with each other without telling others and finally, they both get marry.

Author: Yosuke Kuroda

Genre: Romance, Science-fiction, Anime

Total Episodes: 12

Release Date: January, 2002

Inu x Boku – Like A Girl with Her Guard Dog.

Inuxboku Anime-Like A Girl with Her A Guard Dog

Inu x Boku is an anime, where you will find age-gap romances between a teenage girl and an adult like A Girl with Her Guard Dog. The main character Ririchiyo is a high school student, she has a sharp tongue to speak with others in a social environment or crowd. She wants to spend some time at alone, so she ran away from his home and moved to a new apartment.

Suddenly, she meets a 22-year-old handsome man named Miketsukami Soushi, he possesses the power of the Fox spirit, and he calls himself an agent of the SS (Secret Service). She starts living with Soushi under his protection and she starts liking him, also he develops feelings for her and finally, they both develop an age gap relationship.

Author: Cocoa Fujiwara

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Anime, Supernatural

Total Episodes: 12+ Ovas

Release Date: January, 2012

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The Garden of Words- Anime Shows Age Gap Relationship

The Garden of Words Anime-Like A Girl with Her A Guard Dog

The Garden of Words shows stunning animation that looks gorgeous in every scene. Like A Girl with Her Guard Dog, The Garden of Words is also based on age gap romance. The Modern, classic, short love story starts in the rainy season when two lovers meet by chance in Shinjuku Gyoen Garden. The 15-year-old high school student, Takako is passionate about becoming a shoemaker, and the 27-year-old woman named Yukino is depressed through his past. They both start to spend time daily and form a deep connection on day-by-day yet their connection becomes tragic because of their age difference and personal matters.

Author: Makoto Shinkai

Genre: Drama, Romance, Anime

Runtime: 46 minutes

Release Date: May, 2013

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