Best Yuri Anime Worth Watching in 2024

Yuri anime has created a special place for fans in the anime world. In Japanese, Yuri Anime means when a cute love story starts between two girls, this spicy and sweet moment is seen in the Yuri genre. Well, 2024 has already started, and this article will be of great help to new viewers to watch Yuri anime this year. We are serving here a list of some Best Yuri Anime that are worth watching in 2024.

Yuri is my Job!

IdeOtaku | Yuri is my Job | Best Yuri Anime Worth Watching in 2024

Yuri is My Job is the latest Yuri anime that shows the main character Shiraki, a beautiful, high school student and princess, she wants to create a good image for the world to see. She is a waitress in a cafe, where she falls in love with another waitress named Mai Koshiba. She works in a cafe which is a part-time café, a part-time drama company, where all the waitress plays the role of a high school. In the story of Yuri anime, Mai Koshiba pretends to care about her in front of the world but the truth is bitter.

Genre: Comedy, Yuri Anime

Author: Naoki Hayashi

Released date: April 6, 2023 

Total episode: 12

Adachi and Shimamura – Yuri Anime shows the Love Story of Two High School girls.

IdeOtaku | Adachi and Shimamura |Best Yuri Anime Worth Watching in 2024

Adachi and Shimamura show the simple love story of two students. One day, Adachi and Shimamura both skip their classes and suddenly they see each other and finally become friends. The day they both become friends, they both develop special feelings for each other. Adachi is not confident, she conceals their feelings at heart, While Shimamura is easily engaged to other people. They are not similar, so things become an obstacle between these two. In the coming-age story of Yuri anime, Adachi and Shimamura express their feelings, and start taking care of each other.

Genre: Romance, Yuri anime

Author:  Keiichirou Oochi

Released date: October 9, 2020

Total episode: 12

Bloom Into You

IdeOtaku | Bloom into you |Best Yuri Anime Worth Watching in 2024

The main Protagonist Yuu Koito, is a high school student, she refuses a proposal because doesn’t understand the meaning of love. One day, she sees a Touko Nanami, and she confesses their true feelings for her, but she can’t be able to respond. They both create a unique bond as we can say a complex bond. In the Story of Yuri Anime, Yuu faces trouble experiencing feelings of love but Touko feels comfort since Yuu came into her life.

Genre: Romance, Yuri anime

Author: Jukki Hanada

Released date: October, 2018

Total episode: 13

Maria Watch Over Us

IdeOtaku |Maria Watch Over Us|Best Yuri Anime Worth Watching in 2024

Maria Watches Over Us tells a beautiful story of two girls. The story starts when Yumi, who is a student of the Catholic Girls’ Academy, stands the front of God’s statue Suddenly Sachiko encounters her, Sachiko is a senior of Yumi. Sachiko starts crushing on Her and also develops feelings. At the start of their special bond, a third character becomes the barrier between their relationship. In the Yuri anime, the story covers the big sister/little sister dynamic, and some old religious rituals add to them.

Genre: Romance, Yuri anime

Author: Reiko Yoshida

Released date: January, 2004

Total episode: 13

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Strawberry Panic

IdeOtaku | Strawberry Panic |Best Yuri Anime Worth Watching in 2024

Strawberry Panic shows the relationship between two cute girls. The main character Nagisa Aoi is a student at a girls’ school, she recently moved to a new school. One day she falls on the Agira’s hills and is saved by the older student named Shizuma. Nagisa becomes a fan of Shizuma’s beauty, she starts liking her. After the Confession to Shizuma, a romantic connection develops in each other. The story of Yuri anime focuses on the romance between two characters; no other genres take place in the plot.

Genre: Romance, Yuri anime

Author: Tatasuhiko Urahata

Released date: April 3, 2006

Total episode: 26


IdeOtaku | Citrus |Best Yuri Anime Worth Watching in 2024

The protagonist Yuzi Aihara transferred to a new home and new school after her mother remarried another person. When she enters a new school, she easily creates a connection with all her classmates but she creates a special connection with Mei Aihara. Mei Aihara means both girls have the same surname. Yes, because Mei is the new step-sister but Yuzi doesn’t know about that truth. In the Yuri Anime, the story shows the romance between two step-sisters.

Genre: Romance, Yuri anime

Author: Naoki Hayashi

Released date: January, 2018

Total episode: 12


Whispered Words

IdeOtaku | Whispered Words |Best Yuri Anime Worth Watching in 2024

Sasameki Koto is a Yuri anime that stuff with romance and quiet comedy moments. The main character Sumika Murasame is a teenage girl, she feels not confident expressing feelings for Ushio because she starts liking her best friend. Ushio easily clashes with other girls, she is attracted to cute and shy girls and also wants to engage with them. However, Sumika thinks she isn’t the type of cute girl that Usio likes. In the coming age of the story, Sumika feels confident and tries confessing his special feelings to her.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Yuri anime

Author: Hideyuki Kurata

Released date: October, 2009

Total episode: 13

Sakura Trick

IdeOtaku | Sakura Trick |Best Yuri Anime Worth Watching in 2024

In the Yuri anime, the story tells the cute love story of two girls that is filled with comedic scenes. Haruka Takayama is a childhood best friend of Yuu Sonoda and also have a close connection to each other, they both enter the new school together. Unfortunately, they both get their seats at opposite ends which becomes the barrier to being closer. Haruka feels insecure, also she feels jealous, so she confesses for a kiss to Yuu.

Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Yuri anime

Author: Kenichi Ishikura

Released date: January, 2014

Total episode: 12

Sweet Blue Flowers

IdeOtaku | Sweet Blue Flowers |Best Yuri Anime Worth Watching in 2024

The Story is about Fumi Manjome, who is reunited with his childhood friend Akira after long years. Fumi is a high school student, who openly clashes with all girls, and also has a romantic connection with Yasuko who is a senior student at the same school where Fumi attends. When Akira gives free advice to Fumi, Akira easily reveals the secrets about classmates to others, that things and the nature of Akira making trouble for some time.

Genre: Slice of life, Yuri anime

Author: Fumihiko Takayama

Released date: July, 2009

Total episode: 11

The Magical Revolution Of The Reincarnated Princess And The Genius Young Lady

IdeOtaku | |Best Yuri Anime Worth Watching in 2024

The story in this yuri anime will make you immerse yourself in the world of magic and fairy tales. The main character is Anisphia who is the princess of Paletia and has been reincarnated from Earth to another world. But she use the events of her previous life that she still remembers, which she will use in magic research. Also, Anisphia is a lesbian who likes Euphyllia. Euphyllia belongs to another kingdom, which has broken its engagement with Anishphylia’s brother.

Genre: Isekai, Yuri anime

Author: Wataru Watari

Released date: January 2023

Total episode: 12

Lesbian Bear Storm

IdeOtaku | Lesbian Bear Storm |Best Yuri Anime Worth Watching in 2024

The main character Ginko is a teenager, she moved to the new Arashigoaka Academy. Ginko forms a close friendship with Kureha in a new environment, where she seems to like it. Kureha also studies in the same school as Jinko, some time ago Kureha’s mother died because her mother was eaten by a bear, after that day Kureha started hating bears. In the coming-of-age story of the Yuri anime, Kureha finds out that Ginko’s true identity is a bear.

Genre: Fantasy, Yuri anime

Author: Kunihiko Ikuhara

Released date: January, 2015

Total episode: 12

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