Bucchigiri?! Original Anime’s English Dub Reveals Cast and Crew, Release Date

Write in your schedules and mark the date, because the adrenaline-pumping battles and heartfelt story of Bucchigiri hits streaming stages today, January 27th. Yes, you heard it right!

Calling all dub fans! Prepare to encounter the electrifying action of Bucchigiri?! In an entirely different manner, as Crunchyroll just released the English dub’s cast, crew, and release date! Get ready for an exciting ride filled with humor, action, and surprising turns as Bucchigiri?! makes its debut and quickly becomes popular among anime fans. Launching on 27th January 2024.

This MAPPA original series has already acquired a devoted following thanks to its
distinctive mash-up of genres and a narrative that resists easy classification. So, pull your socks to get engrossed in the story of Arajin, a street fighter with limitless desire, who gets rushed into an undercover universe of underground fighting competitions. Buckle up for unstable punches, kicks that defy gravity, and heart-halting conflicts as Arajin and his ragtag group of rebels battle their way to the top.

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Let’s meet BUCCHIGIRI?! English Dub Cast:

Arajin – our ferocious lead character, who is driven by a strong desire to
succeed voiced by Alex Mai

Senya -strategist with a secret history who is stoic voiced by
Christopher Guerrero

Matakara – the flashy entertainer with a surprising depth of
character voiced by Ricco Fajardo

Mahoro – The technologically savvy wizard and steadfast friend
of Arajin voiced by Lindsay Seidel

Zabu – the powerful veteran who has a tender place for his
colleagues despite his rough demeanor voiced by Daniel Van

Komao – The lighthearted comedian with a shockingly strong
blow voiced by James Marler

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Original Japanese cast: Yūto Uemura, Kensho Ono, Chiaki
Kobayashi, Aoi Yūki, Daisuke Namikawa, Kousuke Toriumi
Directed by: Hiroko Utsumi
Produced by: MAPPA
Streaming platform: Crunchyroll

With such a strong cast and the imaginative might of MAPPA and Utsumi behind it, action anime lovers should not miss Bucchigiri?!. The dub war is about to begin, so turn on Crunchyroll and get prepared to bring forth your inner fighter!

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