Calabi-Yau no Sukima Anime Horror Movie Announced for 2024

Calabi-Yau no Sukima theatric release announced from the producers of Aragne: Sign of Vermillion. The movie teases dark imagery and a storyline that will send shivers down your spine.

The creators

Calabi-Yau no Sukima comes from the creators of Aragne: Sign of Vermillion. The movie follows the life of Rin, a shy and anxious university student. The apartment that she rents is not in a sunny place and is not anything like the listing that she saw being suggested. On the contrary, the housing complex is absolutely grim, rundown, and potentially haunted by dark souls as they lurk in every dark corner of the apartment. The movie showcases the dreadful crimes that have occurred around the apartment and a stranger whose grin and unsettling presence are known.

But soon, Rin realizes that the sinister feeling in the apartment is manifesting in itself. The movie showcases a great mixture of classical Japanese mythology, monstrosities that go beyond human existence, and medical science that twists human flesh and its existence. The movie continues as we see Rin visiting the library and making friends with a young staffer as she constantly tries to put her mind at ease. But of course, nothing is as it seems in this hellish and nightmarish universe.

The movie’s trailer showcases the darkest noir anime style that highlights the sheer dread that the movie aims to showcase. The trailer itself is very unsettling as it showcases a mixture of animation styles that culminate in an eerie and skin-crawling experience. The ways in which it showcases bugs is pure nightmare fuel and the mixed media approach to the animation is deadly. It bounces off from realism to a more 2D animation style as seen in anime such as Devilman Crybaby. One thing is for sure, the bug motifs are sure to bring back some childhood traumas.

The movie was released in 2018, with Saku Sakamoto at the helm of a majority of its production and story-related building. The movie is praised for its ability to be so unsettling to the point where you don’t want to watch it anymore.

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Calabi-Yau no Sukima visuals

Calabi-Yau no Sukima is the next major release from Saku Sakamoto. The movie teases its first visual i.e. a still showcasing an egg that has hatched in a red-hued classroom with a girl looking away from it dripping with ooze. From the poster itself, we can speculate that Calabi-Yau no Sukima that the movie will also feature the creature feature motif that is present throughout its predecessor.

Calabi-Yau no Sukima

The title of the film refers to the Calabi-Yau manifold, which in mathematical and theoretical physics terms is a six dimension space that is often used to describe string theory and mirror symmetry. While the name might not give too much away, expect some mind-bending throughout this next film.

What’s even more mysterious about Calabi-You no Sukima is that not much is known about the plot either. All fans can suspect is a continuation of the style that made the first film popular and the understanding that Calabi-You no Sukima is a prequel to Aragne: Sign of Vermillion. Another expectation to have for Calabi-You no Sukima is that it will answer a lot of questions that may have left you scratching your head in the first movie.

Potential Release Date

Aside from the director of Calabi-You no Sukima being Saku Sakamoto, we also know that the movie is going to be released by Zelico Films and Presido, two companies that only have one movie under their roster. Just like the upcoming movie, there is a lot of mystery surrounding this project. However, fans suspect that the potential release date for the movie to be somewhere in 2024. Only time will tell when we will get the first teaser of Calabi-You no Sukima.

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