Top 11 Best Isekai Manhwa in 2024

Best Isekai Manhwa in 2024

There are collections of isekai Manhwa in different genres, but how can we pick one of the best Manhwa? If we don’t know what the categories are and how many chapters we need to complete the story. Here are some Best Isekai Manhwa in 2024 that help you to pick the best Manhwa for readers.

1.  Who Made Me A Princess?

who made me a princess? Isekai Manhwa

About Story: Who Made Me a Princess? is one of the most popular in the dozens of isekai manhwa. The main character is named Athanasia, the princess of Claude de Algar Obelia. She teleported to another world, a different environment, a different story. After that Athanasia realizes herself reincarnated as a young princess of the cruel Emperor. Determined to commute God’s will, Athanasia wants to rule over the emperor and go with three plans, she tries to reveal family secrets, collect plenty of money to escape the emperor, and finally find an unexpected love.

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life, Isekai Manhwa

Total chapters: 125

Status: Completed

Author: Plutus

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2.  The Greatest Estate Developer

The Greatest Developer-Isekai Manhwa

About Story: The Greatest Estate Developer is Isekai Manhwa, loaded with beautifully written, fun, hilarious comedy, and stunning scenes. The Protagonist Suho wakes up and finds herself in a different story in a novel, thus he becomes the Lloyd Frontera character in the novel he was reading. In a messed life Lloyd creates and sells inventions through using his previous life skills for his new family to keep away from ruin. After some days, he becomes the land owner or the land’s greatest developer in the area.

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Nobility, Isekai Manhwa

Total chapters: 109+

Status: Ongoing

Author: Lee Hyunmin

3.I Shall Master This Family

I Shall Master this Family-Isekai Manhwa

About Story: I Shall Master This Family is one of the popular Isekai Manhwa that is full of Historical fantasy, adventure, reincarnation style, and time travel. Lombardi emperor one of the greatest emperors due to his culture, wealth, and art. The Main character is reincarnated as Firentia, who has become the precious daughter of the chief of the Lombardi House, where she is especially loved by her father and grandparents. Firentia gets an opportunity to teleport to previous years when she was a seven-year-old child. Firentia doesn’t want to waste this opportunity, she tries to change destiny and wrongs to save her life.

Genres: Fantasy, Time travel, Isekai Manhwa

Total chapters: 118

Status: Ongoing

Author:  Roah Kim

4. The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion

Princess Raelina-Isekai Manhwa

About Story: In this Isekai Manhwa, the Main character Eunko realizes she become Raeliana, who is the daughter of the rich family in the novel she wrote where Eunko was killed by his fiancé. Raeliana decides to restart the story and wants to save her life but she does not determine, what will happen if she does. Readers will be excited to read to know whether this isekai Manhwa can change her story or not.

Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Isekai Manhwa

Total Volumes: 9

Status: Completed

Author: Milcha

5. Doom Breaker

Doom Breaker-Isekai Manhwa

About Story: Doom Breaker is reincarnation-based Isekai Manhwa, the protagonist who is the last survivor of the human named Zephyr. He is tragically defeated and killed by the demons. God gave him a second life, to fight and kill the demons in the world for humanity, So he reincarnated and was sent back to 10 years ago where he changed his past story to defeat the demons for the sake of the world for humanity.

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Manhwa, Time Travel, Isekai Manhwa

Total chapters: 101+

Status: Ongoing

Author: Cheongdam

6. The Novel’s Extra

Kim Hajin-Isekai Manhwa

About Story: Novel’s Extra Story is the Isekai Manhwa, the main character Kim Hajin wakes up and realises he moved to new surroundings, a new environment, and a new life. The World he moved, it’s his imagination of the novel that he wrote yet never completed. He turned into an unknown body as a filler character, so the only way to escape this tragic trap is to become close to the main storyline and story character. 

Genres: School life, Comedy, Action, Psychological, Fantasy, Isekai Manhwa

Total chapters: 29

Status: Ongoing

Author: Jee Gab Song

7. Latna Saga: Survival of A Sword King

Latna Saga-Isekai Manhwa

About the Story: In this Isekai Manhwa, the protagonist Han-bin Ryu, is a normal person from the military services who accidently moved to another world and struggles to adjust to a new world. The Day, he teleported to new surroundings, he has the main aim was to survive and grow stronger in an unknown place. He was given a desolate world without his fighting skills and even he changed his name from Han to Eric.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai Manhwa

Total chapters: 187

Status: Ongoing

Author: Kyung-Bae Yim

8. Pick Me Up!

Pick me Up-Isekai Manhwa

About Story: Pick Me Up! Beautifully written, video game-based Isekai Manhwa, the protagonist Loki becomes a Han Yslat, who is a game player of the popular mobile gacha game. Loki as a Han Yslat loses his powers when he enters level 1, yet there is only one way to get away from this trap by clearing level 100 of the game and becoming the leader of the team.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai Manhwa

Total chapters: 77

Status: Ongoing

Author: Hermode

9. The Sword master’s son

The Sword Master's Son- Isekai Manhwa

About Story: The Sword Master’s son is a stunning illustration Isekai Manhwa, with exciting dramatic scenes, and adventure, it’s a perfect reincarnated isekai Manhwa for Manhwa readers. The youngest son of the Swordmaster or the protagonist Jin Runcandel wants to become the leader of the Runcandel clan, but he has lost to fulfill her dreams. The God Solderet gives him a contract or a second chance, where Jin goes back to the past and is reborn as a new baby to change his wrong past and use new power for good. Jin Runcandel gets a new opportunity to resolve the wrongs and become the leader of his clan.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai Manhwa, 

Total chapters: 100+

Status: Ongoing

Author: Volthom

10. A Returner’s Magic Should be Special

A Returner's should be special- Isekai Manhwa

About Story: There are many manga, Isekai Manhwa and anime which is based on the Time Travel theme. A Returner’s Magic Should be Special is now listed as one of them, the main protagonist Desir Herrman goes to the past 13 years ago through time travel when was in the academy. He gets an opportunity to train his friends and he prepare to change destiny and struggles to save the life of those he does not want to lose.

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai Manhwa

Total chapters: 249

Status: Ongoing

Author: Usonan

12. Second Life Ranker

Second Ranker- Isekai Manhwa

About Story: The Second Life Ranker is beautifully illustrated Isekai Manhwa and loaded with full of surprises and adventure, In the Story, the main protagonist Yeon-woo founded a pocket watch that is related to his twin brother, his twin brother was missing for 5 years. When opened the pocket watch, he found a hidden diary where the all life of his twin brother was mentioned on that diary. So, Yeon-woo decided to quest the Tower of the Sun God, where he faced many thrilling battles, enemies, and allies.

Genres: Supernatural, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Isekai Manhwa

Total chapters: 161

Status: Ongoing

Author: The story written by Sadeyeon and Illustrated by Nongnong


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