My Hero Academia: One For All Quirk And All The Users Explained 2024


In the captivating world of My Hero Academia, one Quirk stands out among the rest – the legendary One For All Quirk. This article aims to provide an in-depth exploration of the fascinating concept of One For All, shedding light on its origins, significance, and the extraordinary individuals who have harnessed its immense power. Join us on this journey through the intricate and captivating realm of My Hero Academia as we unravel the secrets and unravel the secrets of the One For All Quirk.

Understanding the One For All Quirk

My Hero Academia: One For All Quirk And All The Users Explained 2024
One For All Quirk And All The Users Explained 2024

The One For All Quirk is a central pillar in the My Hero Academia universe, mesmerizing fans with its remarkable power and unrivaled potential. This extraordinary Quirk allows its users to accumulate and store tremendous amounts of raw power within their bodies. This energy can then be willingly transferred to another individual, passing on the mantle of One For All. Serving as a torch of strength and resilience, this Quirk prepares heroes to confront the daunting challenges that lie ahead, embodying the essence of bravery and selflessness.

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The Origins and Significance of One For All

My Hero Academia: One For All Quirk And All The Users Explained 2024

To fully comprehend the magnitude of the One For All Quirk, we must delve into its origins. The Quirk was initially created by a visionary named Yoichi Shimura, who dreamed of a society where heroes could combat evil without being hindered by the limitations of their individual Quirks. In pursuit of this noble vision, Shimura crafted a Quirk infused with an almost limitless amount of power, thus giving birth to the One For All Quirk. From its inception, One For All became a symbol of hope, embodying the potential for heroes to rise above their own capabilities and protect the innocent.

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The Users of “One For All”

Over the years, “One For All” has been passed down to various individuals, each adding their unique touch to the quirk. Here are the known users

Yoichi Shigaraki

One For All Quirk And All The Users Explained 2024

One for All’s first user and All for One’s brother was Yoichi Shigaraki. His sibling could steal quirks and give them to others, but he, who was born during the quirk-first age, seemed to be quirkless at first. Yoichi battled to put an end to his brother’s self-centered intentions, while All for One aspired to power by using his abilities to seduce others and win their loyalty. But he was rather unwell and could not really obstruct his brother’s progress without an eccentricity.

All for One gave Yoichi a power-stockpiling quirk because, in spite of his flaws, he seemed to genuinely love his sibling. It turned out that Yoichi was not really quirkless after all; rather, he had a unique quirk that was contagious and showed no other symptoms. The inheritable, power-storing anomaly known as One for All was produced by the combination of these powers. Even though Yoichi was never able to stop his brother, he did start the custom of passing on One for All with the intention of eventually putting an end to All for One’s wicked deeds.

The second user

One For All Quirk And All The Users Explained 2024

The current chapters of the manga provide little information on the Second User of One for All. Unlike the other remnants, the Second and Third have not spoken to him directly, and he has not been able to take advantage of their eccentricities since they are afraid to trust the overly idealistic Midoriya.

The Second User and his crew were reported to have planned to kill Yoichi as part of a scheme to depose him. They were also known to be members of a resistance group that was engaged in combat with All for One. Perhaps because of his eccentricity, he was carrying some kind of gun-shaped gauntlets. Once the Second User discovered Yoichi imprisoned in a pitch-black room, he decided to cooperate.

The third user

One For All Quirk And All The Users Explained 2024

Though it is known that the Third and Second engaged in side-by-side combat during the resistance movement and that the Third was present when Yoichi was discovered, the Third User of One for All remains just as enigmatic as the Second. He also appears to view Midoriya from the Second’s point of view. The specifics are still unknown, but the Second passed One for All down to the Third in terrible circumstances.

Finally, Yoichi’s vestige succeeded in persuading him to collaborate with Midoriya as well, citing a parallel between Midoriya’s kindness toward Tomura and the Second and Third’s kindness for him. His peculiarity was initially demonstrated during Midoriya’s fight with Lady Nagant, when it became clear that it was derived from the martial arts technique known as “Fa Jin,” which involves coordinating one’s body’s movements to generate explosive strength.

Hikage shinomori

One For All Quirk And All The Users Explained 2024

Pro hero Hikage Shinomori was the Fourth User of One for All; as his name contained the Kanji for “four,” he shared a characteristic with most of the other users. In addition to making him prefer isolation, his peculiarity, Danger Sense, enabled him and his heirs to respond swiftly to perilous circumstances. Though there are clear advantages to having Danger Sense in fighting, it was not the offensive kind of skill needed to take on All for One, who had only gotten stronger. Shinomori’s choice to develop One for All through training rather than immediately facing All for One enabled him to become the longest-lived One for All user outside of All Might.

He lived a long life, which also contributed to highlighting the physical toll that managing numerous eccentricities can take on an individual; as he grew older, he experienced noticeable fractures in his body and ultimately died of “old age” at the age of forty. It was during this training time that Shinomori was able to accumulate the power in One for All and ensure that his successors would be capable of handling it.

Daigoro banjo

One For All Quirk And All The Users Explained 2024

A certified professional hero going by the name Lariat was also the Fifth User, Daigoro Banjo. Blackwhip, a peculiar ability he inherited from his mother, is a whip-like form created by black energy that draws its energy from the emotions of its owner. It is rather adaptable because it can be used to move, grip, and restrain. Being a professional hero, Lariat faced off against All for One and missed several opportunities to have his unique quality taken.

In addition to Blackwhip, he was able to utilize the power, speed, and agility that One for All bestowed upon him, which helped him develop into a superior hero. When the power suddenly burst from him, Banjo was also the first to reach out to Midoriya, teaching him how to utilize Blackwhip and cautioning him that the other peculiarities would also soon manifest. Even his remains have been able to preserve Banjo’s exuberant attitude.

Nana shimura

One for All’s seventh user, Nana Shimura was a pro-hero and the erstwhile master of All Might. She was also the sole female user. She possessed a peculiar ability called Float that let her hover and move somewhat in the air. The only other user who is known to have been married and raised a family is Nana Shimura; Tenko Shimura, the man who goes by “Tomura Shigaraki,” was once her grandson.

Like Midoriya, she witnessed En’s death and took the power of One for All from him through his hair. All Might, who at the time had no peculiarities but a great ambition to become a symbol, was coached by Nana. She revealed that One for All attained its full potential in the hands of the quirkless boy by taking a chance and letting him inherit its power.


One For All Quirk And All The Users Explained 2024

The Sixth User, En, was another pro hero and Daigoro Banjo’s protégé, albeit not much is known about his professional background. With his quirk, Smokescreen, one can hide their whereabouts in a cloud of smoke. En discovered Banjo and used his blood to absorb the power of One for All after he was crushed beneath debris after suffering a fatal wound in combat against All for One. With a high-collar outfit that frequently hides his countenance, he seems to be a much more reserved and somber sort than his predecessor.

En can accept the restrictions of many of One for All’s quirks since he understands that most of them are the result of luck rather than selection; in fact, he can argue that Midoriya showed “too much” regard for them during their battle with Muscular. En also engaged in direct combat with All for One on multiple occasions, and at least twice he was able to keep his quirk safe.


The One For All Quirk in My Hero Academia represents the epitome of heroism and the indomitable will to overcome any adversity. From its origins as a symbol of hope to the exceptional individuals who have wielded its power, the intricate history and captivating power of One For All continue to mesmerize fans worldwide. My Hero Academia serves as a constant reminder that within each of us lies immense potential, waiting to be discovered and unleashed. As we embark on the journey alongside Izuku Midoriya and the other successors of One For All, we witness the eternal struggle for justice and the relentless pursuit of heroism.

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