10 Best Manhwa like Marry My Husband Ranked

Manhwa like Marry My Husband

For devoted manhwa enthusiasts, ‘Marry My Husband’ serves as an irresistible addiction. Seamlessly transitioning between laughter and tears, its characters, flawed yet compelling, navigate the intricate themes of time travel, love, and revenge. Immersing readers in elements of time travel, romantic entanglements, and a dose of revenge, Here is a list manhwas that cater to the same intense plot as ‘Marry My Husband,’ providing a captivating exploration of similar themes for fans seeking that addictive allure.

1. Solitary Lady

The story of the solitary lady revolves around a noblewoman named Hillis Inoaden, who has lived seven lives, each of them ending in death. Hillis is reborn only to repeat the same cycle of disrespect and abuse at the hands of her cruel brother and step-sister. After the seven lives, she decides to change this cycle and starts living for herself. The manhwa is in some way similar to Marry My Husband as it also tells the tale of revenge and beating the enemies of the past.

2. Roxana

Roxana, transmigrated into the villainous Agrece clan, must navigate intricate schemes and imminent danger. The manhwa emerges as a gritty psychological thriller, seamlessly blending elements of madness and romance. Its peak-quality art, coupled with characters possessing deep complexities, creates an immersive experience that captivates readers as they unravel the layers of the story.

3. I Shall Kill That Sweet Devil

The story of this manhwa revolves around the bastard child of the Garnache family, Chloe, who after the death of her mother suffered abuse from her family until she was taken away from them by her uncle, Grand Duke Kairos Ludwig. The Duke had some other altered motive in saving Chloe, through her he wants to entrap the emperor and kill him. Chloe had never been shown this kind of love, that why she easily got manipulated by Duke but when her role was fulfilled and Duke no longer needed him, she was thrown away by him. When Chloe was given a second chance in life, she promised herself to fall for Duke’s promises again.

4. The Taming of the Tyrant

The story is about Charlize Ronan, who wanted to bring honour to her family and inadvertently agreed to be used by the emperor. She did not know that the emperor would turn her into a sword through a magical procedure and she would be used to kill and torture people against her will. Charlize begs for a chance to take revenge and finds herself 400 years in the past in human form. Charlize promises to take down the emperor this time and wants to replace the emperor with the tyrant of her own choice. One of the similar manhwa like Marry My Husband.

5. Villainess Turns the Hourglass 

The story is about Aria, whose status in society rises immediately after the marriage of her mother to the count. She led a life of luxury for some time after she met with death because of her sister Mielle’s schemes. She saw an hourglass fall as it was a fantasy before she died. And just like this, she was miraculously brought back to the past. She becomes more villainess to face the villainess and to revenge Millie for her death and her mother’s death.

6. Priscilla’s Marriage Proposal

The manhwa is about Priscilla Mortia, a departed aristocrat-turned-mage who wants to change her destiny by travelling back in time. To save her estate from debt, Priscilla was forced into a political marriage but after learning the true intentions of her stepmother and father to kill her and steal her title . she decides to abandon her home and become a mercenary.

7. Depths of Malice

Rita’s life has been very unpleasant, she refuses to die and bow down from her terminal illnesses that trouble her body. Rita swaps her body from Verta Alberhart, now she is in the body of the Alberhart family daughter who is beautiful and influential, she affirms herself to find happiness at any cost, full of malice and ready to take anyone down who comes her way.

8. Bloody Festival

In city K, where everyone is gathered for the festivities of the annual cherry blossom festival, a woman decides to start her ruthless and nasty revenge. The woman is violent and sexy, see how things unfold and a cherry blossom festival turns into a rampant bloodbath.

9. The Change of Seasons

The story of the manhwa is about Gyu-young. A woman keeps appearing in Gyu-young’s dreams. The woman, Yong-geon sets a trap for Gyu-young, telling him that he can use her if he wants,gyu young who is heartbroken and saddened by her cheating fiance, accepts the sweet proposal to get the revenge.

10. Perfect Marriage Revenge

The manhwa is about Iju Han, she once was a heiress to a wealthy magnate and now she is just a normal housewife. Things take a shift for her when she finds out her husband is in love with her step-sister and says I love you to her, after hearing this, she runs away from the house and gets hit by a car and gets killed. When she opened her eyes, she found out that she had awakened one year ago in the past before her husband confessed his love to her stepsister. Now, in the second chance at life, she swore to avenge and take back all that she had lost.

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