20 Best K-dramas on Amazon Prime to Watch in April 2024

Various Korean Tv shows on Amazon Prime Video bring entertainment, cultural knowledge, and language learning opportunities. Now you can discover a broad range of K-dramas and movies, and more than hundreds of titles are available to view at home. Whichever is either learning the Korean language or is a fan, both can attest to the pleasantness of the experience. we’ve compiled a list of 20 Best K-dramas on Amazon Prime exclusively for you!

20 Best K-Dramas on Amazon Prime You’ll Want to Watch!!

Here are the 20 best Korean dramas available on Amazon Prime Video currently for your entertainment. Grab your popcorn, it’s time for captivating stories, romance, and excitement.

20. Taxi Driver

Best K-dramas on Amazon Prime
Taxi Driver

In Taxi Driver, Kim Do-Ki, the current UDT official, becomes the victim of a serial killer who takes away his mother’s life. With more than seven years of experience in driving a cab at Rainbow Cab Company, he offers a one-of-kind revenge-call service thereby. If a player needs resolution, Do-Ki and his colleagues take care of it.

19. Voice


A powerful South Korean drama follows a detective He Jin-Hyuk contending a shadow of his wife’s death. Kang Kwon-Joo, who unfortunately lost her father, joins forces with Jin-Hyuk to settle cases. The public pursuit of the serial killer infects the story with suspense and sensuousness. The essential viewing for devotees of crime dramas.

18. Strangers from Hell

Strangers from Hell

In Strangers from Hell, Yoon Jong Woo moved to Seoul as a result of work relocation and finally ended up at the supernatural Eden Gosiwon. The place reveals in a cheap hostelnate community of unusual and shady guests, including the charismatic Dr. Seo Moon Jo. Incoherent events are unfolding as time goes by, Jong Woo starts getting scared of his neighbouring tenants. This series consists of 10 episodes, having an IMDb rating of 7.8, will be a chance for those interested in Korean culture to engage in suspense.

17. Doctors


This drama has a great casting featuring one of its characters, funny, charming Kim Rae-won who is unexpectedly in love with the second, cute and naive Park Shin-hye. “Two Hearts” is guided by the history of unruly Yoo Hye Jung who changes after she meets Hong Ji Hong. She will go to medical school, then will meet Ji Hong in a clinic. Their mutual affinity gives way to an all-encompassing liaison. As you watch this joyful Korean Rom-Com, the music swings in your mood.

16. Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna

In Hotel De Luna, this very strange hotel, surrounded by the beating downtown of Seoul, is in charge of Jang Man Wol, a self-centred CEO who was put under a rubric putting her in charge for a thousand years. Gu Chan Sung becomes a force for unveiling the secrets and complications. A long-term arrangement standing between Chan Sung and his working on the hotel is what we unveil. A classic that everyone is crazy about and has a soft spot in their hearts.

15. Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen

In Mr. Queen, Jang Bong-hwan, a born-free cook, falls asleep on an adventure to the The Blue House, and next day she wakes up as Queen Kim So-yong in the Joseon era. In the meantime, King Cheoljong appears to be a merry-go-round-like character; in fact, he has a core of steel. While it is Queen Sunwon who rightfully owns authority over the Korean nation, the rise of her brother Kim Jwa-Geun complicates matters. A captivating Korean drama.

14.  Doom at your Service

 Doom at your Service

In Doom at your Service, instead of knowing that she is dying of cancer and how horrible the situation is, Tak Dong Kyung inadvertently calls Myul Mang, a rookie cupid and god’s messenger. Filled with yearning, she takes a big step by inking a deal with him which her freedom depends on, even risking everything. This Lovecraft Country series on Amazon Prime skilfully combines romance, destiny, and the sublime use of sacrifice.

13. Her Private Life

Her Private Life

An artwork curator named Sung Deok-Mi is in the gallery. She is also a big fan of the idol group member Shi-An, and she has her fan page that posts pictures and news about him. As a passionate imitator of Shi adorers, Sung Do Re Mi lives through her job. Ryan happens to be the manager of the art gallery where Sung Deok-Mi has worked as the assistant. He was a great artist in the past but doesn’t paint anything now. Interestingly, even though Ryan has lost the desire to talk to anyone, the sound of sung Deok-Mi’s voice flirts with his ability to turn his head at least for one more time.

12. Welcome to Waikiki

Welcome to Waikiki

A Korean drama with three immature guys – a hidden director – Dong Goo; failed actor – Joon Ki and a lazy office worker- Doo Shich. They begin a guesthouse in Itaewon to essentially finance their movie project. Yet, it is the chaos of managing love, laughter, and unfortunate surprise; a baby that dominates the scenario.

11. Welcome to Waikiki 2

Welcome to Waikiki 2

The second season starts with Lee Kim Seon Ho, Yi Kyung, and Shin Hyun Soo. It revolves around the restoration of a guidance. Lee Guk Ki somehow challenges friends Cha Woo Sik and Kook Ki Bong to invest in “Waikiki.” Han Soo Yeon, Kim Jung Eun, and Cha Yoo Ri also take part. Friends, lovers, fun, and adversity abound as the cast attempts to prevent the Guesthouse they call home from being sold.

10. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Bo Young Park plays Do Bong Soon, a person with amazing talents and one of the soldiers who comes from a lineage of strong warriors. Her abilities bring her two things, which are protecting Ahn Min Hyuk from death threats at work and developing herself through a career. The plot revolves around romance, comedy, and drama. It balances all of them.

9. Secret Garden

Secret Garden

A beautiful Korean dramatic TV series that has famous actors like Yoon Sang-hyun, Ha Ji-won, Hyun Bin and Kim Sa- rae. Gil Ra-im, a best-loved stuntwoman, hopes to be the first martial arts director. The body swap news happened to her when she met a rich businessman named Kim Joo Won which led to a life altering event. This old school Jim Henson “happysitcom” may not be entirely international or at the level of today’s standards, but it remains a popular choice of many.

8. Playful kiss

Playful kiss

A rom-com inspired manga style, Oh Ha Ni, a normal high school student has crush on the charming and smart Baek Seung Jo. Despite his disinterest, she doesn’t miss a chance to get closer to him. Will she eventually become more than an interfering nuisance?

7. Tale of the Nine-Tailed

Tale of the Nine-Tailed

An impossible love that defeats space and time. Nam Ji Ah, a nine-tailed fox-believer, tries to take a picture of one for her program. As she meets Lee Yoon, some strange anomalies happen. Lee Yoon makes Ji Ah’s task more difficult, but the entry of Lee Rang, his stepbrother, into the picture increases the intrigue.

6.  True Beauty

True Beauty

Joo Kyung, a makeup addict, is hiding herself behind the mask of a beautiful woman. Lee Su Ho, who is aware of her secret, is one of the most popular all-star students in school. They move award each other, uncovering what is hidden. This Amazon Prime series is full of drama and gives you a great way of augmenting your vocabulary.

5.  Midnight Café

Midnight Café

A specific mini-series with only two episodes, is written and directed by Goo Ja Joon. The plot takes place in a late-night cafe that opens only at midnight and closes with the sunrise. The enigmatic barista serves coffee through guests’ souls, attracting visitors from different times: The 1990s, 1970s and even the future. In Season 1, Jae-young wins a contract, but in Season 2 it gets lost because of accumulated stress.

4. The Penthouse: War in Life

The Penthouse: War in Life

A Korean TV series with star casts directed by Joo Dong-min and scripted by Kim Soon-ok. It taps into the heat of a property and education war in which characters are driven by ambition to the point of obsession. The show is about friendship among women, revenge, and mother’s sacrifice for the safety of her child.

3.  Oh My Ghost

Oh My Ghost

The Korean movie “Oh My Ghost”, which was released in 2015, is a romantic comedy and a mystery drama. In addition to Sous chef Na Bong-sun’s self-image issues, there is another character who knows how to talk to the dead. Waking up one day, a ravishing soul jumps into her body, shaking up her routine in unexpected ways. As for the mystery, the Popular chef, Kang Sun-woo, the fan of the master chef, also adds his part.

2. Flower Boy Next Door

Flower Boy Next Door

Netflix’s “My Cute Guys” (as “Flower Boy Next Door”) is a fair Korean drama TV-series, based on a web comic “I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day” by Yoo Hyun-sook. Go Dok-mi is an uncommon high school student who is shy and never goes out. Anyway, she is a close watcher of her neighbor, Yoon Shi-yoon. She gradually escapes the cage she had built herself through the extraordinary connection the strangers share. However, he is not over Oh Jin-rak, an artist of the webtoon. Whether their ways will collide?

1. Queen In-Hyun’s Man

Queen In-Hyun’s Man

This 300-year-old Joseon scholar named Kim Bung-do came from the past and is one of the time-travellers. He is hopeless romantic and she, the heroine, is who he loves, but the past conflict is nonstop irritating him.  In the series, sci-fi, romance, and fantasy genres are beautifully combined with really good characters and great setups.

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