10 bingeable Manhwa to watch on Spring Break 2024

This spring break, anime fans will have much to binge, and plenty of them are looking forward to it. While those who are brand new to anime would have plenty of time to explore the various titles to see if this form of storytelling is for them., the ones who are accustomed to this format would also be pleased to see those great titles. These are the ones that can be binge watched within a couple of days., sometimes within a week at the most. Beneath are the top 10 bingeable Manhwa to watch on Spring Break 2024 that are categorized in different genres such as romance, comedy and slice-of-life.

10 bingeable Manhwa to watch on Spring Break 2024

1. Monochrome Sovereign

Monochrome Sovereign (Credits: Kakao Page)

Yeon Hojeong, who became a Grandmaster of a martial arts order, got unexpectedly kicked out from the top for the silly joke his master made to the leader of martial alliance. He, all of a sudden, finds himself taking on multiple roles in the Yeon household, which in turn brings about problems in his life. He is destined to become a king, so the author crafted his story in such a way as to alter the timeline.

2. How To Reject My Obsessive Ex-Husband

bingeable Manhwa to watch on Spring Break
How To Reject My Obsessive Ex-Husband (Credits : TappyToon)

Seohyeon Yu, the author of ‘How To Reject My Obsessive Ex-Husband’, writes a tale similar to the fairy tales of her ex-lover, Ciel, who has become an unsuccessful politician in a power struggle. The powers concealed in Seohyeon are no longer a secret. in contrast to the world, she is entangled with and bewildered over choosing to be herself and her ex-lover. Each choice that she makes to write down the following part of the story, shows how meaningful the bond of a romantic relationship that can last a long time.

3. Contract Marrying Because I Am Terminally Ill

Contract Marrying Because I Am Terminally Ill (Credits: Naver Series)

In the story entitled, Contract Marrying Because I Am Terminally Ill, “I must marry for a contract to end my illness which is Gwama disease and to get away from my violent home to Duke Kaiyen,” Elara explains the predicament she is facing Gwama which in future will end her life and escaping from repressive family. While the Duke always maintains his strong stance, Elara discovers that he also has a warm nature. On the other hand, his inconsistency and vice versa questions his fidelity. The topic of love was ingeniously integrated into the story along with a sense of duty and society’s norms all of which were expressed in a very touching and commendable manner.

4. A Flame Reborn

A Flame Reborn (Credits: Naver Webtoon)

In A Flame Reborn, the novel introduces its protagonist Logan Macline, a time traveller whose goal is to restore his family’s honour. A team of brightest people from past is on its way for his character to get taken into the future, so he can stop the war he saw would happen during a particular battle. At the back of his mind are political pressures, and enemies and Logan is running out of time to avoid a financial collapse that will be detrimental to him effectively concluding the business.

5.  Will Die for You

Will Die for You (Credits: Ridibooks)

In the not-so-peaceful atmosphere of Will Die for You, the five noble houses quarrel over the vacant throne which in turn makes the Gods mad. To mollify them, a hunting game is staged, and heirs from aristocratic families all over participate in it. Even though there are enmities among the heirs of the first and second houses, reluctantly they ally with competition. With the crisis in full swing, a weird chemistry emerges between accentuating the passion that burns in competition.

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6.  A Tidal Wave of Glory

A Tidal Wave of Glory (Credits: Naver Webtoon)

A Tidal Wave of Glory depicts the story of Halo, one of the world-class artists who, after a gruesome accident, wakes up in the body of a young Korean boy called No Hae-il. The identity of Halo might have shifted, though, he remains a great musician. By tracing Hae-il’s story, Halo is fascinated with his talent, looking at how two lives evolve and the powerful implications of music in an unexpected herp’s trip.

7. Modern Day Hero

Modern Day Hero (Credits: Kakao Page)

In the novel Modern Day Hero, Hyunsung, as a persecuted high schooler, is led to a new world saving a child. Condemned to death by a false accusation, he learns he is destined to defend the kingdom from a demon king. To his chagrin, he joins forces with a suspicious hero which he is forced to face terrifying situations that teach him teamwork and courage. Their ultimate goal is to overcome the demon king and bring back the peace once again to both realms

8. Savage Forest

Savage Forest (Credits: Ridibooks)

Enya is mistreated by the Aguilea tribe for her crippled leg, and she finds a friends in Tarhan who loves her deeply. Even though Enya is so afraid and Tarhan is too obsessed with it, the manhwa revolves around their hidden awakening of each other in a world that is crazy about physical perfection. There is the feeling of acceptance, love and the potential for human connection to be transformed by cultural stereotypes.

9. Unbeatable Lv.1

Unbeatable Lv.1 (Credits: Kakao Page)

Unbeatable Lv.1 aims to provide a glimpse into the rough life of Lee Geonwoo, an outstanding gamer during the raid. Finally, he gets stabbed in the back by a teammate, and the game resets to beginning, reducing his level to 1. Geonwoo focuses on discovering the mysteries about his powers, and the magical dagger while confronting the real world, the true nature of his virtual world. The development of the plot is toward the unmasking of hidden powers that mould his world.

10. The Man Who Can’t Sing

The Man Who Can’t Sing (Credits: Naver Webtoon)

The Man Who Can’t Sing is a tale about an aspiring songwriter called Choi Woo-rim, who, on one winter night, happens to meet his idol, Ki Yoo-Seong. Despite his vocal impairment, the talent manifests itself in tune-writing. Both of them are effectively the emblem of Yoo-Seong’s key element of success in music industry. This manhwa delves into the out-of-the-ordinary teamwork as they figure their way to the victory of musical prominence.

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