Your Name Novel Audiobook Adaptation in July 2024 from Yen Press

A New Audiobook has been announced by publisher Yen Press under its rapidly growing Yen Audio imprint. The Audio adaption of the novel ‘Your Name”, which was written during the production of the super hit feature film.

The audiobook of Your Name will be released in July of this year over all the major audiobook platforms and the voice cast of the audiobook will be released at a later date.

About Your Name

The novel is about a high school girl named Mitsuha, who lives in a small town in the mountains. Mitsuha has a dream that she is a boy living in Tokyo.

On the other hand, a boy living in Tokoyo named Taki dreams that he is a girl living in a small town in the mountains.

Sharing relationships, bodies and lives, they both become interlinked, But what if there are connections in the grand tapestry of fate that are truly inseparable?

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