Solo Leveling Who are the Most Powerful S-Rank Hunters, Ranked

Most Powerful S-Rank Hunters

The most powerful S-Rank Hunters are responsible for the safety and security of the Solo Levelling world – a world full of interesting characters and dangerous quests.

Solo Leveling showcases a world full of terror, where danger is at every step. The monstrous beasts which appear out of portals are immune to weapons which are devoid of magic. In this hopeless circumstance, a select few humans possess the gift of magic that will help them to fight these terrorizing beasts. These humans are called the hunters. Although hunters are the best line of defence, there are categories based on their power and strength. S Rank hunters are easily the most powerful of them all — their skills being at the epitome of security. Here are the most powerful S-Rank Hunters:

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Goto Ryuji, a powerful hunter from Japan, was first introduced in Solo Leveling during the Jeju Island Arc. He leads the Draw Sword Guild as the Guild master and plays an extremely important role in the Jeju Island Raid.

Most powerful S-Rank Hunters

Interesting, Goto Ryuji is one of the rarest hunters, in terms of his strength to challenge the Ant King’s impressive speed. His ability to stand against the Ant King, despite the short time, sets him apart and affirms his position as one of the strongest on the Solo Leveling World. Thus, he is considered as one of the most powerful S-Rank Hunters.

Ability: Enhanced Speed and Strength.


Yuri Orloff is one of the most powerful S-Rank hunters from Russia. In spite of possessing a huge annoying ego, he was able to subdue two highly ranked Hunters from Goto Ryuji’s Draw Sword Guild. Furthermore, he is rumoured to have cleared S-Rank Dragons without much help or advice. He can also swiftly create barriers and seal opponents, as his ability falls under the Support-Type Category.

Most powerful S-Rank Hunters


Although much is not known about Yuri’s strength, expect for his sealing ability, his conquests have already grounded his position as one of the strongest among the S-Rank hunters.

Ability: Barrier Magic.


is a German Hunter. He is the Guild Master of the Richter Guild and regarded as the 12th strongest Hunter in the World. In the Monarch’s War Arc, Lennart put up a commendable fight by creating blasts with the aid of a pair of gauntlets. Additionally, he possesses heightened senses that are comparatively sharper than most hunters.

Most powerful S-Rank Hunters

Surprisingly, during the Guild Conference Arc, Lennart sensed Sung Jinwoo’s Shadows, which most hunters can never notice. He is also an extremely intellectual persona who decided to befriend Sung Jinwoo instead of creating mindless fights with him. His ability makes him one of the most powerful S-Rank Hunters.

Ability: Enhanced Strength, Heightened Perception, Charge.


Jonas is a Brazilian S-Rank hunter in the Solo Leveling world. Despite never making a physical appearance in the Solo Leveling manhwa, he is still deemed as one of the strongest in the series — he is ranked 6th among the national level hunters. However, he had met a tragic fate.

Most powerful S-Rank Hunters

Jonas was killed by the monarch before the International Guild Conference. Based on this information, it might be probable to ascertain his role as the Ruler’s Vessel whom the monarch had decided to eliminate. If he were still alive, he would have probably been the most powerful S-Rank hunters.

Ability: Spiritual Body Transformation, Immense Strength and Speed.


Go Gun Hee was Korea’s strongest S-Ranked Hunter. However, in spite of crossing his prime age, he is still capable of emanating a strong aura that will be enough to intimate the other hunters. Prior to his murder by the Monarchs, Go Gun Hee revealed his true power as the vessel for the Fragment of Luminosity.

Most powerful S-Rank Hunters

Go Gun Hee possessed the power to be the most powerful S-Rank Hunter as he had the ability of the Ruler — an apex external creates by the Ultimate One.

Ability: Spiritual Body Transformation, Ruler’s Authority, Immense strength and speed.


Christopher Reed is among the most powerful S-Rank Hunter — he is one of the five National level Hunters and the third-strongest in the series. Despite being assassinated by the Monarch, Christopher is able to challenge any Hunter in Solo Leveling, with the exception being Thomas and Sun Jinwoo.

Most Powerful S-Rank Hunters

Similar to Go Gun Hee, Christopher Reed is a Ruler’s Vessel. He can also use Spiritual Body Manifestation.

Ability – Ruler’s Authority, Spiritual Body Transformation, Immense Strength


Liu Zhigang is the only Seven-Star Hunter in China, which is equivalent to an SSS rank, according to the Korean standard. He is the strongest soldier in China, bearing the title ‘Hero of China’. Before Sung Jjnwoo, it had been Liu Zhigang who used to be the strongest in Asia.

Most Powerful S-Rank Hunters

Liu Zhigang has managed to annihilate a huge number of monster ants in Jeju Island with ease. He is also a Ruler’s Vessel, and therefore also possesses Spiritual Body Transformation.

Ability: Immense Strength and Speed, Spiritual Body Transformation, Ruler’s Authority.


Thomas Andre is referred by ‘Goliath’ due to his impressive and large build — a name befitting his physique and demeanor. Thomas Andre holds the title of the most powerful S-Rank Hunter in the Solo Leveling world. He is also the Guild Master of the Scavenger Guild and one of the few National Hunters of the series.

Most Powerful S-Rank Hunters

The only Hunter who can match or surpass this beast of hunter is Sung Jinwoo. Thomas was also able to fight against the Beast Monarch by implementing Spritual Body Transformation.

Ability: Immense Strength and Speed, Spiritual Body Transformation, High-level Durability, Ruler’s Authority, Physical Reinforcement.


Sung Il Hwan is one of the most powerful S-Rank Hunter. He bypasses all the other hunters (except Sung Ji-woo) in terms of immense strength. Sung Il Hwan, Jinwoo father, was trapped in an S-Rank dungeon for a decade. This, he has gained most of his powers during that period. After escaping the dungeon, he defeated S-Rank Hunter, Hwang Song Su, without breaking a sweat after the later had threatened his family.

Most Powerful S-Rank Hunters

Additionally, Sung Il Hwan had fought against the Ice Monarch and Beast Monarch alone. As a Ruler’s Vessel, he is able to use Spiritual Body Transformation.

Ability: Spiritual Body Transformation, Ruler’s Authority, Immense Speed and Stealth, Immense Speed


Sung Jinwoo, the protagonist of Solo Leveling, is the most powerful S-Rank Hunter. Although he is not officially recognised by the series as one, he is above all the levels of Hunters and Monarchs. With the help of the Shadow Army, he was able to conquer all the Monarchs a second time after the Rulers had permitted his request.

Most Powerful S-Rank Hunters

Furthermore, Sung Jinwoo is a Necromancer — he possesses the ability to transform anyone he has defeated into his Shadow Soldiers ( except the Monarch).

Ability: Colossal Strength, Shadow Extraction, Shadow Exchange, Monarch’s Domain, Detoxification, Immense Durability, Immense Strength, Astralization, Acausality.

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