Top 15 Best Arranged Marriage Manhwa Worth Reading

In romance, the trope of arranged marriage holds a sense of mystery and excitement. To enter into a binding relationship for your own convenience and find unexpected love is a beautiful fairytale experience that lasts a lifetime. The silent pining, the angst and the hidden love all make it more anticipatory with a pinch of the adrenaline rush

Here Are Some Best Arranged Marriage Manhwa. 

Best Arranged Marriage Manhwa

Here’s our list of arranged marriage manhwa for you to discover beautiful love stories that have their start with an arranged marriage: 

Painful, but Desirable

Synopsis: Doyun Cha decides he isn’t looking for ‘true love.’ In fact, he wants a fake marriage. One fateful night, Hayeon, who’s known him since their college club days, confesses to Doyun that she wants in on his passionless arrangement. The problem is… she has a long-time crush on him! Can she convince him to fall head over heels for her? Or will he catch wind of her hidden intentions? (Source: Tapas)

Painful, but Desirable encapsulates a dramatic and sweet story of finding love when and where you least expect it. If you love a clichéd love story with sweet characters to root for, you will fall in love while reading this manhwa. However, check for the trigger warnings (domestic abuse and suicide) before giving this a go.

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Perfect Marriage Revenge

Synopsis: Iju Han isn’t sure where her life went wrong. Once the heiress to a wealthy business magnate, she’s now an ordinary housewife whose main concerns are her nagging in-laws and household chores. Things take a much more tragic turn, however, when she finds her husband confessing his love to her stepsister. Devastated, she runs away, only to be hit by a car and killed. But when she opens her eyes, she finds that she’s awakened a year ago in the past, before her life went awry. Given a second chance at life, Iju vows revenge, determined to take back all that she’s lost. (Source: Webtoon)

If the trope of time travel is your thing, you will love Perfect Marriage Revenge. And even if it is not your thing, you will still end up loving it if you give it a chance. It is a perfect concoction of themes involving revenge, love, trauma, and mystery. The main characters are dripping with charm and have an unconditional love that will make anyone wish for that beautiful and heartfelt bond for themselves.

There Must Be Happy Endings

Synopsis: The day Yeonu’s contract marriage came to an end was also the day that she witnessed her soon-to-be ex-husband, Seonjae, die right in front of her eyes. But when a twist of fate has her travel 100 days back in time before the tragic accident, she decides to do everything she can to stop the accident from happening. With a second chance to make things right, Yeonu is determined to make sure that, this time around, they get their happy ending. (Source: Webtoon)

Another time travel manhwa that will grasp your attention from the first chapter itself. The story deals with the theme of trauma very tenderly and emphasizes how it affects every aspect of a person’s life. Furthermore, the chemistry between the characters is immaculate, showing their progression both as individual beings and together as a beautiful and wholesome couple. You will also need a huge box of tissues for this one.

Four Ways to Find a Wife

Synopsis: It started with a chance encounter in a secluded garden. You know, your typical boy-meets-girl romance. So then, why does he keep chasing her down and asking to see her photos? And hold up—he’s advertising for a wife?! Jungwon just wants to survive her college years, but this business executive isn’t making it easy! She doesn’t have time for distractions between taking care of her siblings, working part-time, and studying for classes. But there’s another thing bothering her… who is the mysterious person leaving her notes? (Source: Tapas)

This one is a sweet rom-com without much complexity and this might be perfect for you if you love fluff and simple storylines. Nothing too crazy, just pure love and adorable moments that will make your heart full and put a smile on your face. The characters are embedded in reality and portray a very realistic relationship.

The Newlywed Game: How to Save My Husband

Synopsis: Game notifications? Quests, and a magical item shop… inside a convenience store? After getting married, Bipa’s life turns into a video game! Things were going great with her hot and attentive husband—until he has to head off to the frontlines of a war zone, leaving her alone to deal with her insufferable in-laws and terrified for his safety. One day, she discovers a powerful but expensive item in the magic shop. Can she earn enough points to save her husband’s life? (Source: Tapas)

If you’re a gamer, this might be the perfect fit for you. It is entertaining and keeps the readers on their toes with all the resets and its funny, game-like characters. The art is pretty good and it is extremely funny with likable characters that face all atrocities together for their love to grow stronger and stronger.

Wedding Impossible

Synopsis: What would you do for $500k? As a struggling actress, I agreed to play the part of Doting Fiancée to Jeekyung Lee, a charming, handsome heir to a Korean conglomerate—the perfect husband! Except, he’s gay. Eh, it’s fine! The only problem is… (cue ominous music) Jeehan, Jeekyung’s younger brother. That jerk may have the looks of a leading man, but he’s determined to show I’m the wrong girl for Jeekyung! It’s gonna take the performance of my life to win him over. Hah! I’m ready for my Oscar! (Source: Tapas)

The readers might take a while to warm up to the ML as he’s nothing short of a jerk in the beginning chapters. However, it is his character development that makes this story so wholesome and beautiful to read. The relationship between ML and FL develops into an unconditional bond of admiration and love that will have you in tears. It has some adorable moments, and some cute little pinning to soothe your romantic heart.

Save It for the Honeymoon

Synopsis: Moa never thought much of her cold, stern boss, Gunhoo. At least, not until that fateful incident at the company workshop. Ever since accidentally seeing him in the buff, Moa can’t get him off her mind. After weeks of fantasizing, she finally asks if he’d like to spend the night with her. That’s when he drops a bomb: he’s a virgin, and he’ll only sleep with her if she marries him. The problem is, Moa doesn’t believe in marriage! With such different values, will these two make it down the aisle? (Source: Tapas)

Save It for the Honeymoon is hilarious, full of clichés and moments to make us clutch our sheets to stop ourselves from swooning too much. It is your “love conquers everything” trope with a wholesome couple at the center. Read this if you want a light and sweet rom-com.

Marriage of Convenience

Synopsis: Bianca de Arno was a ruthless countess in the Kingdom of Sevran, infamous for being a wicked and selfish wife. While her husband, Count Zachary de Arno, bravely risked his life out on the battlefield, she sat at home and spent his money. It wasn’t until her final day that Bianca realized the error of her ways. Before she dies, Bianca prays for a second chance, swearing she will do better, and wakes up in her 19-year-old body. With her second chance, Bianca starts to see everything in a new light… starting with her husband. (Source: Tapas)

Marriage of Convenience has everything — from a fantastical setting that explores the complex political environment to a second-chance romance that will make the readers blush and giggle over how charming it is. Above everything, the romance is a slow burn with an incredibly complex ML.

A Villainess for the Tyrant

Synopsis: “I would rather just go out with a bang!” For Princess Cecile, being married off to the emperor of a neighboring empire was unavoidable. But wait, isn’t this the same Emperor Estian who’s notorious for being a heartless sadist? In order to maintain her final shred of dignity,

the fearless Cecile demands that her future husband carry her all the way from the carriage to the wedding chapel! If this is her fate, she might as well put up a fight before dying at the hands of the handsome emperor. After all, the only way to fight fire is with… more fire?! Can Cecile become a villain even more fearsome than her tyrant husband? (Source: Tappytoon)

This manhwa is insanely funny and intriguing from the beginning till the end. The character of the FL, especially, will grip you from the start and you’ll end up falling for her, just like the ML. It has some really sweet and caring moments to watch for; it is a beautiful story of love and trust.

The Broken Ring : This Marriage Will Fail Anyway

Synopsis: When six-year-old Inés laid eyes on the handsome heir to House Escalante, she promptly made the boy her fiancé. Since noblemen are all the same, she figured she might as well choose a pretty one. But Lord Cárcel isn’t ready for this sort of commitment just yet, and he spends the next decade and a half avoiding the marriage at all costs!

Luckily, that’s no trouble for Inés, as this marriage failing is exactly what she wants. He has her blessing to sow his wild oats as long as he stays out of her business. Unfortunately, being a playboy isn’t as fun when your fiancée permits you. And doesn’t this mean she’s cheating on him too? Now, Cárcel is determined to change Inés’ mind about him and prove he can be the husband she’s always wanted. (Source: Tappytoon)

This is an interesting take on the “second chance” trope in a historical setting. The plot itself is not that difficult from other historical rom-coms, however, the characters are the main attraction. As the story progresses, their chemistry becomes more and more intense which makes the readers root for them to end up in a happy marriage.

My Husband Who Hates Me Has Lost His Memories

Synopsis: In a politically arranged marriage devoid of love, Lily is wed to Theodore, the head of a rival family. Theodore loathes the union, but little does he know that Lily despises her own family as much as he does. Living a quiet life, she counts the days until their inevitable divorce. Then fate intervenes—a sudden accident erases Theodore’s memories of her, transforming his coldness into unexpected affection. Can Lily trust this dramatic shift, or must she guard her heart to avoid future heartbreak? (Source: Tappytoon)

If you love angst and heavily tragic plotlines, this manhwa is the best for you. Although the story is difficult to read, the chemistry between the characters acts as a silver lining. Their love amidst the affliction shines bright and makes the readers empathize with the characters as the story progresses. The manhwa is angsty and full of darkness but the bond the characters share, despite everything, makes their journey to be together worth it.

Survive as The Hero’s Wife

Synopsis: Canaria has been reincarnated as the villain of a popular cliché novel. According to the novel, she is destined to be executed by her husband! Determined to survive, her objective is simple: get a divorce! Will her plans be enough to save her life, or will unexpected circumstances arise to complicate matters even further?

) If you are a newcomer to the genre of manhwa itself then this might be a good initiation point for you. The story is easy to follow and you’ll find all the typical tropes here. The chemistry is the sweetest and the characters are interesting to read.

The Evil Lady’s Hero

Synopsis: So I’ve become Yunifer Magnolia, the villainess who’s crazed with jealousy that Duke Ishid Lucrenze, the devastatingly handsome hero, has eyes only for Raelle, Yunifer’s best friend. Yunifer torments Raelle so much that Yunifer’s killed off at the end. But… I’M Yunifer now. UGH! Good news is, I’ve reincarnated a year before her tragic end, so there’s time to make sure Ishid and Raelle have a fairy tale ending (and I stay alive). Bad news is, I got drunk and woke up with Ishid next to me. Crap. (Synopsis: Tapas)

The relationship between the characters is the most precious thing ever. They are absolutely great as a couple. Their magic elements are fire and water — the entire trope of opposites attracts works here in the finest way possible. Their interactions are extremely wholesome and sweet!

Bring the Love

Synopsis: Leah Hildebrandt, who is known for her good looks and popularity, has a secret she can not share with anyone. Rihit, her younger brother, runs away hoping to come back a stronger man who can support his family, and their father passes away in his absence. He still cannot be found. Leah finds herself face-to-face with the reality that she will need to act as the temporary head of the family in order to protect their position in society. So she makes the decision to enter into a political marriage for her family. Will a political choice turn out to be fate?(Source: Tappytoon)

This manga is so beautiful and adorable with a strong female lead. The romance between the ML and FL is interesting, making the readers anticipate how their relationship will take shape. It is a simple story with a simple romance but sometimes, the simplest of things leaves us absolutely enamored. This is one such thing.

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion

Synposis: Poisoned to death by her own betrothed?! Eunha didn’t wake up in a novel’s story just to get killed off again as an unfortunate extra! To change her story she needs a cover: 6 months pretending to be the fake fiancée of the novel’s male protagonist, Duke Noah Wynknight. But will this cold-hearted, angel-faced demon of a man really help her avoid another ill-fated ending?! Based on the hit novel. (Source: Tappytoon)

This manhwa is unique and interesting with its characters rooting for themselves before anything else. The characters are absolutely charming and easy to like, making it a treat for the readers. If you are searching for a sweet shoujo isekai manhwa then this is the perfect fit for you — get off your work and lose yourself in the world of Raelina. You will not be disappointed!

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