Suicide Squad Isekai Anime Reveals New Trailer, Cast, and Release Date

The latest promo trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad Isekai has been made public together with the film release date and the theme song of the movie that will be used as an ending music.

The DC Universe has unveiled a new trailer and release date of Suicide Squad Isekai anime, which will be premiered in July 2024. YouTube star Mori Calliope made their last song, and it was a banger called “Go-Getters”. Suicide Squad Isekai complexly blends animated and live-action media in an extremely intriguing manner.

Suicide Squad Isekai – Synopsis

Suicide Squad Isekai Official Poster

a WIT Studio Japan original project, Suicide Squad Isekai is an animated action-adventure series that is based on DC’s antihero team, featuring mainly Harley Quinn and Joker as protagonists. Whisked away to a completely different world, characters like Harley Quinn and Joker will create chaos in fantasy landscape where they have landed and do not why and how this happened.

Suicide Squad Isekai Cast and Characters

Harley Quinn – Anna Nagase

The Joker – Yuuichirou Umehara

Deadshot – Reigo Yamaguchi

Peacemaker – Takehito Koyasu

Clayface – Jun Fukuyama

King Shark – Subaru Kimura

Rick Flag – Taku Yashiro

Katana – Chika Anzai.

Amanda Waller – Kujira

Fione – Reina Ueda

Aldora – Mamiko Noto

Cecil – Jun Fukushima

Suicide Squad Isekai Anime Reveals New Trailer with Release date

The Warner Bros. has dropped a promotional trailer for Suicide Squad Isekai along with the confirmation of release month and opening theme song of the series. For anime enthusiasts, this year looks like it’s going to be huge. All signs point to an imminent release before we even start thinking about it.

Suicide Squad Isekai, whose announcement was made in July 2023, Suicide Squad and the anime lovers’ worlds are about to collide and peeps from two fandoms will be coming together.

The official ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) account of DC Japan has posted a new video and it confirms that the Suicide Squad Isekai will start airing in July 2024. The ending theme, performed by Youtuber Mori Calliope, will be called ‘Go-Getters’.

Suicide Squad Meets Anime for an Impressive Crossover

Harley Quinn, Peacemaker, and Deadshot do fight with another world of fantasy. Up to this point, only thing known about the anime was that the vicious gang were all coerced into a brutal mission by Amanda Walker into another dimension. What we know now is the plot through the trailer.

Suicide Squad Isekai Trailer
A still from Suicide Squad Isekai Trailer

Surprisingly, no one knew the reason behind the villains’ mysterious disappearance into another dimension considering that Amanda Walker was the one who forced them there and now because of the recent trailer, the audience already knows what happened. Anime depicts destruction, involving two opposite factions into it which eventually bring the Suicide Squad into it. The squad includes fighters from both sides and tries to find a middle ground.

As strange as it may sound, these robbers, who are far from the peace-loving people as anybody can imagine, and moreover they bring disorder and death everywhere they go, and it will be absolutely cool to see how they handle a mission that is totally unfit for them.

The trailer of the original series was the best. This made us believe that such a production was equipped well enough to make the anime as beautiful as it seems now. As the creator of Attack on Titan, Spy X Family, and the director who is Eri Osada, the staff and compelling cast are stacked, so that we will not be underwhelmed by the anime.

Suicide Squad is a Daring and Interesting Idea, Which Definitely Has Its Pros and Cons

Followers of the Isekai and comic series are thrilled to hear this news. The Suicide Squad Isekai adapts an American comic group to one of the anime’s favourite and distinct genres, which seems to be an incredibly daring project. No matter adapting Western characters into an anime is not a strange phenomenon, like the upcoming John Wick anime, this anime is one of the exceptional ones. This anime still contains many secrets, but we can safely conclude that its first installment will be one of the biggest anime this year.

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