Solo Leveling: Who is the most powerful Shadow Soldiers Of Sung Jinwoo, Ranked

In the interesting world of Solo Leveling, Sung Jinwoo’s rise to power isn’t just due to his strength; it’s also due to the powerful army he builds: the Shadow Soldiers. These different fighters, each with their skills and personalities, become his loyal friends and key players in his fights against threats that keep getting worse. But who is the most important of them all? What is the name of Sung Jinwoo’s most powerful Shadow Soldier?

It’s not always easy to figure out how to rank strength, especially when different people have different skills and problems arise. We can try to make a good list, though, by looking at their feats, skills, and recognized ranks. Let’s look into the shadows and find out most powerful Shadow Soldiers Of Sung Jinwoo.

Most powerful Shadow Soldiers Of Sung Jinwoo

10. Tank:

Tank’s moniker, which Jinwoo gave him because of his immense power and stature, is a fitting one. He is the strongest ice bear among the Shadow Soldiers, making him ideal for dealing massive damage to heavy-hitting opponents. It is one of Sung Jinwoo’s most potent Shadow Soldiers.

Tank was tremendously helpful versus the Giants at Tokyo’s S Rank Gate due to his sheer size and build. When facing the Nagas, he also displayed his unadulterated brute power, taking down the A Rank Magic beats with only one blow. Even though Tank was one of the first Shadow Soldiers Jinwoo recruited, he stayed for the long haul, developing in strength and levelling up with the other Shadow Monarch soldiers.

9. Jima:

Jima mimics a giant sea creature wielding an enormous trident. He is able to grow in size greatly, though he’s just as strong when at a smaller size. This is the ninght most powerful Shadow Soldiers Of Sung Jinwoo.

Even though his scaly body is clearly made for traversing water, Jima fights just fine on land. His ability to grow in size made him an invaluable part of the Shadow Monarch’s army during the fight against Legia’s Giants.

8. Greed:

There’s usually an ethical conundrum that happens whenever Sung Jinwoo turns a human into one of his Shadow Soldiers. However, in the case of Greed, his service was more like a punishment for his personal sins than anything else. This is the eight most powerful Shadow Soldiers Of Sung Jinwoo.

After Dongsoo kidnapped and tortured Jinwoo’s friend Yoo Jinho as payback, Jinwoo showed Dongsoo no mercy, and turned him into one of his Shadow Soldiers with the fitting name of “Greed”. Since Greed was already a S Rank Hunter at the time of his resurrection, he was easily one of the best members of Jinwoo’s army from the moment he joined their ranks.

7. Iron:

The saddest tale involving Jinwoo’s soldiers was Iron. He was an A Rank Hunter who was slain during an Ice Elves raid because he became overconfident in his abilities. After that, Jinwoo used Arise on him to transform him into a knight in his Shadow, naming him Iron.

In addition to being a devoted and capable combatant inside Jinwoo’s ranks, Iron was also well-liked by every other soldier in the Shadow Monarch’s army. This was demonstrated at the conclusion of the tale when Iron took on the form of Kim Chul, and all the other Shadows were not only acquainted with him but also ecstatic to see their longtime companion again.

6. Kaisel:

Kaisel was initially the flying pet of the Demon King Baren before being made into a shadow. However, Kaisel’s real value for Jinwoo is as a mount that can help him get around the battlefield fast. He is a strong dragon that can do damage on his own.

Outside of battle, one of the happiest moments of Sung Jinwoo’s life happened on Kaisel’s back. After taking Cha Haein on a date to an entertainment park, he took her on a ride on Kaisel during the sunset. Clearly, not only is Kaisel strong and useful in fight, he’s also the perfect wingman.

5. Tusk:

Even before he joined Sung Jinwoo’s ranks to level up alongside the rest of his army, Tusk was an incredibly strong magician. He is unquestionably one of Jinwoo’s greatest and most devoted Shadow Soldiers.

With the title of General, Tusk commands the army of the Shadow Monarch using magic. Tusk also received the Orb of Averice from Jinwoo, a device that doubles the magic damage a user deals. This is Sung Jinwoo’s fifth-most-powerful Shadow Soldier. The greatest example of Tusk’s devotion to and love for Sung Jinwoo came in the epilogue, when Beru sent him a customized mage’s robe that mirrored Jinwoo’s well-known hoodie from the beginning of the book.

4. Igris:

Throughout the game, Igris’s strength increased the most. He began as an A Rank boss monster but advanced to become a S Rank and one of the Shadow Monarch’s army commanders by continuously leveling up with Jinwoo. This is fourth most powerful Shadow Soldiers Of Sung Jinwoo.

Igris is without a doubt one of Jinwoo’s most devoted advisors; his wit and sense of knightly chivalry make him the ideal ally. Igris is a highly strong and proficient swordsman, but his strength increases when he wields the Demon King’s Sword, which conjures lightning with each blow.

3. Kamish:

Although Kamish was only a Shadow for a short while, he was undoubtedly one of Jinwoo’s most formidable troops during that period. Regretfully, too much of Kamish’s mana had evaporated to keep him a Shadow Soldier for more than a few minutes, as his corpse lay dormant for 10 years following his death.

Because of the events surrounding his resurrection, Kamish was never able to level up with the army as a whole and never engaged in combat with Jinwoo. As a result, he is inherently weaker than some of the other soldiers who attained commander rank, such as Bert. This is the third most powerful Shadow Soldiers Of Sung Jinwoo. Even still, his inherent strength made him a formidable fighter who would have undoubtedly increased Jinwoo’s army’s strength in the next conflict.

2. Beru:

Because of his unmatched strength and goofy, eccentric personality, Beru has become a beloved figure in Solo Leveling. He was soon appointed as Jinwoo’s right-hand man and frequently put in charge of watching out for Jinah, his younger sister. This is the second most powerful Shadow Soldiers Of Sung Jinwoo.

Beru nearly killed the dungeon’s Lich King monster and opened an A Rank Gate by herself while following Jinwoo’s instructions. He is in a better position than even some other S Rank Hunters just by virtue of that accomplishment, and that was rather early in the season. By the end of the book, Beru has easily reached the rank of a National Hunter and is considerably more formidable as an undead Shadow than he ever was in the real world.

1. Bellion:

Bellion is second in leadership in Sung Jinwoo’s army, under only the Shadow Monarch himself. That fact is testament to his amazing power, as he had to be stronger than every other Shadow Soldier to hold that post. Bellion was so strong that he quickly defeated Beru in a one-on-one fight. This is the most powerful Shadow Soldiers Of Sung Jinwoo.

Bellion was the Grand Marshall of Ashborn’s army for endless years before Jinwoo finally took control of his men. While the Shadow Monarch’s power makes all his Shadow Soldiers loyal to him naturally, Bellion developed an extra level of respect for Jinwoo when he witnessed how great of a leader he was. Bellion saw something in Jinwoo that reminded him of his old liege, giving him an even greater respect of his new boss.

Final Words

Ranking power is arbitrary, and individual judgments may vary. Some might value raw strength like Beru’s, while others might favor strategic ability like Kamish’s. Ultimately, the “best” Shadow Soldier relies on the unique scenario and the desired result. Sung Jinwoo’s strength lies in his ability to utilize the various skills of his entire army, not just a single champion. Each person plays a crucial role, and their united might far exceeds the sum of their individual parts.

This list serves as a starting place for further discussion and research. Feel free to share your own rankings and views, and let the discussion on the most powerful Shadow Soldier continue! Remember, the true strength of Sung Jinwoo’s army lies in their unity and unshakable loyalty, making them a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving world of Solo Leveling.

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