Most Evil Things Light Did In Death Note, Ranked

Death Note is broadly viewed as one of the most incredible anime series ever and highlights a phenomenal story with a great cast of perplexing and convincing characters. The Series portrays the ascent of the virtuoso Light Yagami as one of Shonen’s most turned however convincing antiheroes ever. Light is the focal figure in a stunning crime thriller where death and treachery are typical and here are the most evil things Light did in Death Note.

Light Yagami, the hero of Death Note, is a mind-boggling character whose activities obscure the lines between good and evil. While his essential objective of freeing the universe of wrongdoing originates from an honorable aim, his techniques are merciless and frequently viewed as evil and remembered as evil things Light did in Death Note.
Initially, Light Yagami was a hopeful high schooler who longed to free the universe of wrongdoing so that innocent individuals could live in harmony, however, that didn’t keep going long. Unavoidably, the lethal force of the powerful Death Note evilly puts him, and Light starts doing unspeakable acts without any regret or hesitation.

Here are a portion of Most Evil Things Light Did In Death Note
Death Note, introduced without moral judgment:

10. Light Organized a Bus Jacking

Light understands that an FBI agent is following him, and Light goes above and beyond to get that agent’s name. Light coordinated a whole transport jacking to compel that FBI agent to show Light his ID to demonstrate that he was not the transport jacker’s assistant. Just the criminal kicked the bucket on that occasion, yet all things considered, Light ended a daily existence just to get Raye Penber’s name and the other transport travelers experienced in alternate way.

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9. Light Left Misa For Kiyomi

most evil things light did in death note

Light and Misa were appropriately connected, however Light just did that to keep the lovestruck Misa cheerful. He concluded that Misa had outlasted her convenience, while Kiyomi Takada was an alternate story. Regardless of whether Light’s and Misa Amane’s relationship was unfortunate and unhealthy, it was as yet horrible for Light to leave Misa for Kiyomi Takada.

8. Light took part in the murder of The U.S. President

Light Yagami took part in killing the made-up U.S. President David Hoope and Light had adequate intention to make it happen. At that point, the terrible Mello had held onto an extra Death Note and undermined President Hoope, proposing he’d sendoff missiles. Light intentionally composed Mr. Hoope’s name down to make him end his own life, a ruthless move to hold Mello under wraps.

7. Light killed Yotsuba Group individuals.

Evil Things Light Did In Death Note

Light killed Higuchi to recover the Death Note, which didn’t feel that malevolent. However, at that point, Light additionally killed the Yotsuba Group individuals, including the people who had chosen to dismiss Kira, because they had become loose details. A large number of them were fathers and
spouses, as well, so Light’s killings hurt numerous families.

6. Forcing His Father To Write In The Death Note who
was in a critical condition.

At the hospital, in critical condition, Soichiro is visited by the leftover team individuals, including his child, Light. Despite seeing his dad in such a horrendous state, Light demonstrates consideration just outwardly so as not to excite any doubt. Within, in any case, he just wishes for Soichiro composed Mello’s name in the notepad, holding onto no certifiable consideration for his dad at all.

5. Light misused Misa’s Loyalty

At the point when Light met the goth young lady Misa Amane, he before long understood that a willing device had fallen squarely into his lap. Misa had lost her folks to a killer and felt like she owed everything to Kira for killing that criminal consequently, yet that just made Misa defenseless against Light’s shady ways.

4. Light Exploited & Killed Raye Penber

Light fooled Raye into composing the names of any remaining FBI agents in Japan on Death Note papers, meaning 12 blameless lives were lost just to get the FBI off of Light’s tail. Light even taunted Raye when he fell during a heart attack. Light gets Raye on a train and fools him into composing the names of his remaining partners on a page of the passing note. After leaving the train, Raye Penber falls, as it is uncovered, he was likewise planned to die after adhering to Light’s directions.

3. Murdering Takada Despite Her Feelings For Him

Most Evil Things Light Did In Death Note

Takada Kiyomi created heartfelt affection for Light, developed romantic feelings for him, and began taking
requests from Light. Sadly, one thing prompted another, and she was captured towards the finish of the series.
Considering this advancement was negative to him, Light chooses not to face any challenges. He eliminates a
piece of paper from inside his watch and callously utilizes it to take Takada’s life.

2. Light wrote down a specific death scenario for Naomi.

Light didn’t simply kill a guiltless lady who has every right to look for retribution and take revenge. He had Naomi end her own life so that her body was never found, meaning her crushed guardians didn’t have a body to cover. Naomi Misora was broken when her life partner, Raye Penber died. Naomi put forth a chivalrous attempt to track down Kira and nearly tracked down him on New Year’s Day, however at that point she met Light Yagami and accounted for herself. Light then, wrote down a specific death scenario for Naomi.

1. Diplomatically Controlling Rem And Killing L

Light and L fostered an odd relationship throughout their interactions in Death Note. L thought Light to
be the deadly villain he was entrusted with capturing, yet then again, Light was probably the primary individual L
genuinely viewed as a companion.

Sadly, for L, Light never transparently shared this feeling, and this was made more evident by the naughty smile all over during L’s death. To guarantee L’s passing, Light gave Misa a job that would ultimately uncover her as the second Kira, figuring in Rem’s defensive nature. This brought about Rem composing L’s name in her death note for safeguarding Misa, an activity that brought about both L and Rem’s death, comparably Light had arranged.

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