Father, I don’t Want this Marriage Manhwa (Webtoon) – Recap & Excellent Ending Explained

The story “father, I don’t want this marriage” is about Princess Juvelian, who, after she is reborn, has to do what others want again. she chooses to take a dive into the world of fantasy and resists being subjugated by others and also smashing some destined characters’ roles.

1. Father, I don’t Want this Marriage Manhwa – Recap


Father, I don’t Want this Marriage” is an emotional story consisting fictional characters in a realm where there is a value for only thing that is status and wealth. the story revolves around a lady, Jubelian Eloy Floyen, whose father is extremely cold and unsympathetic to her and the focus of her desires uninterested. The hem of her life was tribulated when she was humiliatingly falsely accused of attempted murder, consequently her relationship with two important men in her life came to a halt.

However, Jubelian’s story becomes more interesting when a modern Korean lady suddenly finds herself having walked in Jubelian’s shoes. She becomes armed with an awareness of the original plot and tries with all her efforts to change the story and refrain from the sad ending that her character has been sentenced to. Fancy then identifies distance as the first step by severing links with Mikhail, her poor partner, setting him free from their cold love affair. As she fights her way through “the labyrinth of high society”, et Jubelian’s father, Regis, starts the search for a befitting suitor for her.

The very first contestant is Maximillian Caesar Augurine, the popular but also infamous noble cold-blooded Maximillian Casein Assiette who is well known for harsh attitude. Jubelian, of course, resists this dismal idea but her father’s student, Max, hastily suggests to the young woman that a type of contractual relation would be preferable to being tied in marriage to the tyrannical prince.

Through its complex interactions of mythology and love, the manga rearranges the topography of evil characters and plays with subject of autonomy and resistance. Jubelian’s journey is one of the self-discovery a well as empowerment, when she displays to the world she can be anything rather than what she is told to be by others.

While the story has complex plots and finely crafted characters, the author skilfully brings new perspective to villainess trope, which challenges readers to differentiate who is truly evil and if choice over fate is an option in a predestined world.

2. Father, I don’t Want this Marriage Manhwa – Ending Explained

Jubelian’s character development is clearly seen in the last few chapters of this webtoon as she goes through a remarkable change. The biting harshness of her endless struggle to change her destiny ends up succeeding as she tears apart the dark mystery that shrouds her previous life.

1. Redemption and Forgiveness

Jube thrashes out with her father who had to run away with his other woman in the start. they try to heal each other by opening up, revealing something deep and emotional and by also expressing how sorry they are for everything that has happened.

The sadness of the father for his previous mistake is so self-evident and he actually tries really hard to put things right.

2. Love Rekindled

Jubelian’s former lover, but whom did not prove herself to be faithful, shows up again. the mutation in the relationship between them is the clear evidence of their reflections on their mistakes.

The webtoon exceptionally captures the details of love, psychology and second chance.

3. New Beginnings

The mist of the spell fades and Jubelian sees a new path for her life. She starts doing hours of the work on her relationship with her dad and ex-boyfriend.

To sum it up, “Father, I don’t want this marriage” finishes with a redemption, forgiveness, and free will willingness themes. The closing scene also leaves some questions unanswered but leaves it up to the viewers to connect the dots on the evolution of the characters.

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