EXO’s Suho is back with a new drama. What’s the release date of Missing Crown Prince?

This April, so many dramas are going to be over, and we are also going to see many new dramas this time. Well, we have already entered April, and new dramas are already being released. For which drama are you excited?

For now, many fans are enjoying the ongoing dramas such as My Lovely Runner, but we also know that you are waiting for a drama that will be released soon. Miss Crown Prince is an upcoming Korean drama that is going to be released soon.

K-drama lovers have been waiting for this drama since the day it was announced that it’s in production. If you are also wondering about the same thing, then stay connected until the end of the article.

Missing Crown Prince Release Date

Missing Crown Prince is not yet released, and fans are already scrolling through the internet to learn much information about it. Well, we can’t blame the fans because the drama looks very interesting. It’s been a long time since the drama was confirmed to be in the making, so when can we expect to watch it officially?

You don’t need to be worried about this anymore because the wait is finally going to be over. Missing Crown Prince is already set to be released on April 13, 2023, at 9:40 PM KST. Once it gets released according to the Korean Standard Time, it will be available in every other country.

Missing Crown Prince Plot

Suho as Yi Gun

The plot of Missing Crown Prince is still unknown because the drama has not yet been released. We have the basic story of the missing Crown Prince. If you are looking for a detailed plot explanation, then we are sorry to say that we can’t provide you with a detailed story.

As of now, the story is mainly about the Crown Prince named Yi Gun and his life. Crown Prince Yi Gun gets kidnapped by a woman who is fierce and strong, but whose actions are weird. She kidnaps the prince, and her main plan is to marry him. Will the Crown Prince get married to the girl who kidnapped him? Will love blossom between them?

Missing Crown Prince Star Cast

The Main Leads of Missing Crown Prince

The cast of Missing Crown Prince is the reason why viewers are eagerly waiting for this drama. EXO’s Suho is finally back on the screen, and this comeback of his as an actor is what EXOLs are dying to see. Suho will be playing the role of Crown Prince Yi Gun. Hong Ye Ji will be playing the role of Choi Myeong Yoon.

The rest of the star cast includes Kim Min Kyu as Prince Doseong, Kyung Se Bin as Min Soo Ryeon, Yoo Se Rye as Queen Yoon, Jeon Jin Oh as King Haejong, Kim Seol Jin as Gab Seok, and more. No doubt, the star-cast line-up of this drama is really good.

Are you excited to see Suho and Ye Ji on the same screen? Min Kyu is also one of the main cast members of this drama, which is why fans are also excited to see their favorite idol with another favorite idol.

Missing Crown Prince Trailer

You don’t need to wait for the trailer for the first season of Missing Crown Prince. The official trailer for the first season is already available on YouTube.

You can check out the trailer there. You can also check out the official Instagram page of MBN on Instagram to see the trailer. They have uploaded it to their page.

Will there be a second season of Missing Crown Prince?

For now, we don’t have any information about the release date of the second season. Firstly, the drama is not yet released, and we can’t assume that the second season will be released because we don’t know how the drama will end. Secondly, the makers haven’t said anything regarding the release date of the drama.

Where can you watch Miss Crown Prince?

You can watch Miss Crown Prince on Viki. The drama is set to air on April 13, so after it officially gets released, you can easily stream it on Viki.

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