What Is Kaiju In Anime Everything About Kaiju No.8 Anime Explained

If you want to witness a unique battle between humans and monsters then you should watch Kaiju No.8 anime. The story of Kaiju No. 8 begins in Japan where Godzilla types monsters known as ‘Kaiju’. This monster appeared in Japan for a long period. To kill these monsters, the Japanese government created a military unit called the defense force. These militaries risk their lives to protect the residents. After killing the beast, a professional cleaner unit disposes of the Kaiju’s remains.

One day, a 32-year-old man named Kafka Hibino is quite unsatisfied with his sweeper job. From his childhood, he wanted to become a part of the defense military. He has done every possible thing to fulfill his dream but he failed every time. At last, he gave up on his desire, resigned from his job and lived on a decent salary. 

His life goes normally until he meets with Leno Ichikawa, who is an 18-year-old boy. He also joined the cleaning unit and became friends with Kafka. His life changes when Kafka encounters a parasite-type Kaiju that turns him into a monster. He found a new superpower inside his body and once again he started to achieve his dream of joining the defense force. 

The New Trailer Of Kaiju No.8

Trailer Of Kaiju No. 8

Crunchyroll released a one-minute thirty-eight-second trailer. The trailer of Kaiju No.8 anime portrays the normal daily life of Japanese people. Suddenly, a monster appeared in front of the civilians and started to destroy the city with his powers. Then the defense forces come and kill the monster.

After that, the main character Kafka appeared and a monster tried to catch him. In this trailer, you can see the defense force’s power and technologies. Then, the young boy meets with Kafka and advises him not to give up on his dream. At the end of the trailer, a little monster enters Kafka’s body through his mouth and he gains superpower. If you want to watch the trailer then click Here

Characters And Voice Actors

Characters And Voice Actors

Kaiju No.8 is directed by Miya Shigeyuki and Kamiya Tomomi. The sound director is Gou Fumiyuki who is a famous sound director. Ookouchi Ichirou is the scriptwriter of Kaiju’s No. 8 anime. In this anime, Kafka Hibino is the main character and its voice actor is Masaya Fukunishi. Kikoru and Reno Ichikawa are also the main characters whose voice actors are Ai Fairouz and Wataru Katou. There are also many supporting characters. Some supporting characters are Mina Ashiro and Aoi Kaguragi, and their voice actors are Asami Seto and Shusuke Takeuchi. 

Release Date Of Kaiju No.8 Anime

Release Date Of Kaiju No. 8 Anime

Crunchyroll released the Kaiju No.8 trailer 5 months ago. They also revealed the release date of this anime series is 13th April 2024. Kaiju No.8 anime will be launched every Saturday at 23.00 (JST). If you are interested in this action-packed sci-fi series then add this to your list now.

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Episodes and Reviews

Episodes and Reviews

Well, the authorities haven’t disclosed the number of episodes yet. But it is confirmed that the first episode of Kaiju No.8 anime will be released on 13th April 2024. The anime series gained fame after launching its trailer. The trailer got 1.6M views on YouTube and 64K likes. Now you can assume the popularity of this anime series. So you must watch the Kaiju No.8 anime series. 

You can see this sci-fi anime series from 13th April 2024 on Crunchyroll and many other platforms. So enjoy the Kaiju No.8 anime series.

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