Delicious in Dungeons Episode 4 Review and Episode 5 Release Date

Delicious in Dungeons is the latest anime series in 2024, the episodes of Delicious in Dungeons are broadcast on 4, January 2024, and 4 episodes have already become the favourite list of fans. The fantasy world of Delicious of Dungeon is written and illustrated by Ryoko Kui, he elaborates on the new magic world filled with fantasy, lots of comedy, and adventure. The manga series of the Delicious in Dungeons includes 14 volumes which were published from 2014 to 2023.

The Story of Delicious in Dungeons

IdeOtaku |Delicious in Dungeons Episode 4

In Delicious in Dungeons story follows 6 team members, In out of the six members Falin is a tall, spellcaster, a member of the team, and all members go out to explore the adventure to kill a dragon. Unfortunately, Fallin who is the sister of the leader, is stuck in the stomach of the red dragon, that moment becomes so hard for Fallin but it’s true, yet Fallin uses his special abilities to teleport and remain team members in a safe place.

Afterward, the two team members decide to shake hands with another adventure team, the remaining three members of Laois Touden who is the Leader of the team, and the others Chilchuck, and Marcille, they move forward to find the red dragon before the dragon digests Laos’s sister.

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Delicious in Dungeons Episode 5 Release Date

IdeOtaku |Delicious in Dungeons Episode 4

With no delays, the next episode of Delicious in Dungeons Episode 5 will be broadcast on 1 February 2024. The total number of episodes of Delicious in Dungeons you can watch on Netflix. We hope you will enjoy this latest episode 5 on a 23-minute runtime. Different time zones in the countries will release at 5:30 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST), 1:30 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and 8:30 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST).

 Delicious in Dungeons Episode 4, Review and Story

IdeOtaku |Delicious in Dungeons Episode 4

As we can see in the last episode of Delicious in Dungeons, the story is not about only how to make tasty recipes but also about the difficulties Laos and his team members face on the adventurous path in the ongoing episode. Although Laos and his team are wandering in the dungeon in search of the Fallen, Laos is a great swordsman who is ready to face the enemy with his new sword but he meets new people on his journey.

In Delicious in Dungeons Episode 4, Laos and his teams meet Senshi at the castle, Senshi shows on the third floor that he has planted different varieties of plants in the golem bodies, the soil of the golem bodies is rich in organic matter so he thought of planting plants in the golem bodies.

In Delicious in Dungeons Episode 4, The writer embraces the new character Senshi, a kind dwarf who takes an interest mostly in cooking and harvesting, he takes care third floor of the dungeon, harvests crops, cooks a portion of tasty food, fight with monsters and other secrets that remain hidden that revealed in the upcoming episode.

Afterward, Laos and his team members wonder about when Senshi offers to stay in the dungeon but they take remain vegetables in the hope the vegetables may help to get profit. But as they make a deal with a shopkeeper, The Orcs come and attempt to attack the shopkeeper. Laos and team members are ready to fight with the Orcs but Senshi comes and tries to stop the fighting, it seems Senshi has a connection with Orcs and soon Senshi says that Orcs is a customer, he sells his vegetables to Orcs. The Orcs talk about the red dragon who wreaked havoc at the time on their village.

Senshi makes a tasty bread using his favourite ingredients and serves it to everyone, at that time the leader’s son asks a question why can’t everyone sit here and eat together? And this episode ends when Laos promises the Orcs that if they tell about the exact place to find the red dragon then Laos will not harm anyone in the village.

In Delicious in Dungeons Episode 4, Senshi character is shown to be very social and likes to get along with everyone. But when Marcille asks questions, it seems that there are still some secrets left in the village, which we will be able to know in the upcoming episode.

After watching Delicious in Dungeons Episode 4, we can have a bit of hope from this anime that a character like Senshi will appear before us, and the past theory about his village, and the rest of the mystery about the dungeons’ politics will be revealed.

Well, the journey till Delicious in Dungeons Episode 4, continues with comedy moments with serious storytelling, but it remains to be seen in the coming episodes whether Fallin is found again or not.

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