Delicious in Dungeon Episode 6 Review and Episode 7 Release Date

The new episode of Delicious in Dungeon has been released in front of the fans and the date of episode 7 has been confirmed. Here we are discussing for the fans about the important events that happened in Delicious in Dungeon episode 6, where we look forward to the story of Laios and the difficulties he and his group faced. Also, the journey of Laios in episode 6 has brought a lot of surprises, and we have also learned about the secret of Chilchuk which will surprise you to think.

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 7 Release Date

Delicious in Dungeon episode 6 | IdeOtaku

Delicious in Dungeons Season 1 Episode 7 will be released on 15 February at 10:30 pm Japan Standard Time (JST). Viewers can watch this latest episode after 1 hour of its official release on streaming platforms. Episode 7 will be broadcast on the Tokyo MX channel in Japan, also fans can watch this episode on Netflix.

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 6 Review

Delicious in Dungeon episode 6 | IdeOtaku

In Delicious in Dungeon episode 6, At the fun party in Laios, all the groups discuss where to set up camp to move forward. Laos is unconcern about going anywhere else, also Senshi thinks that this is a wonderful opportunity to arrange food and he believes that everyone should wait until they reach the fourth floor of the dungeon.

Finally, Chilchuk passed to unlock the door of the dining hall where the dining hall will also reveal some secrets, all the group’s eyes fell on the weird painting which looked as if there were some special things in the painting.

In Delicious in Dungeon episode 6, We thought it right, painting was not a normal painting, although finding a living painting in a magical world is not that special thing. Laios plans to enter the painting by using his intelligence properly. He tries to enter the painting by tying a rope to his waist, and immediately he enters and sees the moment where a king names his newborn baby “Delgal”. After seeing this strange sight, Laios tries to get out of the painting, and his friend helps him get out.

In Delicious in Dungeon episode 6, In the story, Laios is shown to be fearless so he enters the second painting, Laios gets to see a new picture that shows the event of Delgal’s wedding. At the same time, someone talks about the king who has been given Poison, after this incident, everyone starts to run away from this place. In this huge commotion, Laios sees an elf, and Laios seems to recognize him yet he ignores him.

In Delicious in Dungeon episode 6, Poor Laios is in trouble due to hunger, yet he plans to go in the next living painting and promises himself that next time he will return after eating. But fortunately, he meets the elf who seems to have been ignored by Laios in the previous painting. It becomes a big dilemma for Laios when the elf blames him but thanks to Laios’ group, they get Laios out of the painting at the right time. Well, Laios tried to feed everyone in the group through living painting but the food had disappeared from everyone’s stomach.

Delicious in Dungeon episode 6 | IdeOtaku

In Delicious in Dungeon episode 6, Now the group has chosen the right place to set up camp but at the same time Chilchuk’s gaze falls on a mimic, but Chilchuk ignores that mimic poses a threat to Chilchuk. After some time, during the night, Chilchuk goes in search of water and immediately becomes victim to a trap, where a mimic emerges from a nearby box and attacks Chilchuk. However, Chilchuk’s good luck helps him to escape from the trap.

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In Delicious in Dungeon episode 6, When the mimic dies, the Senshi and Laios consider using it on the menu of their next meal, and also, they are both very eager to eat it. The group is having a long conversation about the joy of having Chilchuk back and then Marcille has a question in mind for Chilchuk and Marcille asks Chilchuk about his true age. So, Chilchuk looks very young but all the people in the group are surprised when Chilchuk tells him that he is 28 years old and there is still some time left for him to be 29 years old.

In Delicious in Dungeon episode 6, This episode is not tiresome, although the journey till episode 6 has been worth to watch. After watching Episode 6, we can expect to see the next episode in which each main character’s journey will be full of surprises and antics.

The special thing about this anime is that till now the story pacing is being shown in a very good way where the story is being taken forward keeping in mind the special things about each character. Also, the balance of the main plot and the entry of the new character into the fantasy world has been managed perfectly and simply.

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