Bucchigiri Episode 3 Review and Episode 4 Release Date and Time

In Bucchigiri Episode 3 review, we can see how much worth this anime series. The latest anime series was broadcast in January, and only three episodes were released in January. Mappa animation gets credit for the anime adaption of Bucchigiri, Mappa is also behind the most popular and ongoing masterpieces like Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack of Titan, Will Bucchigiri become the masterpiece of Mappa? Well, the credit for the fresh content and perfect word-building of Bucchigiri goes to Taku Kishimoto, who is also the screenwriter of Blue Lock. Bucchigiri anime belongs to the Yanki genre, which was popular in the 90s and 2000s.

The Story of Bucchigiri?! A full recap from Episode 1

IdeOtaku | Bucchigiri Episode 3 Review

The Story follows the main character Araijin, in the early episode, we can see his mom who runs a restaurant, it seems Ariahjin’s mother works hard to nourish his son. Araijin’s teachers take an interest in the daily activity of Araijin it seems they want to put on the trouble of Araijin. Afterward, Araijin went out with his team to the local shrine, he found an old gun he shot the gun, and the wind blew fastly as a result a Jinnie appeared in the sky, Jennie came through summoned by Araijin, Jennie asked Araijin to make a wish then unexpectedly Araijin says Wish is I want to lose my virginity.

Araijin befriended his childhood best friend named Matakara, It seems Matakara does not wish for his childhood friend to join his enemy’s group. In episode 2, we can see Araijin join the fight against the leader of Minato Kai, he punches Jin Marito who is the brother of his crush, because Kaijin wants to impress his Crush Jin Mahoro.

Bucchigiri Episode 4 Release date and time

Buchhigiri Episode 4 will be released on February 3, 2024, you can watch this latest anime on Crunchyroll at 11:00 pm JST. The 20-minute runtime of this anime will be broadcast on the February 3, Saturday on TV Tokyo.

Bucchigiri Episode 3 Review and Recap

IdeOtaku | Bucchigiri Episode 3 Review

In Bucchigiri Episode 3 review, Well, Araijin is busy falling in love with his crush, he can do everything to make her impress. In this episode, we can’t see any battle between any Squad like in the previous episode, where the main character developed an interest in her crush.

In Bucchigiri Episode 3 review, we will learn about the traditional fight that happened in Ichizu school, in which a group of boys have been fighting for many years to become the leader of the school. Once upon a time, one group Minato Kai defeated the leader of the other group Ikki Union. After that, Marito comes and changes the name of Ikki’s group to Sigma Squad, and becomes the new leader.

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In Bucchigiri Episode 3 review, With this, Recently Araijin quit the Sigma squad and formed his new team. Araijin’s love story starts its first chapter when Mahoro knows about him that he crushes on her. Marito gives an invitation to attend the party and Araijin accepts it and is eager to go to the party and a little scared too, while Senya (Jinnie) is happy that now he will get a chance to enjoy the next fight. When Arajin reached the party, he thought that a group of beautiful girls would come to welcome him but instead, the Squad was ready to welcome him.

IdeOtaku | Bucchigiri Episode 3 Review

In Bucchigiri Episode 3 review, There is an entry of a new squad in the episode, they look very mysterious, and they also have weapons, looking at NG Boys it seems that they are not supporting anyone, especially because the Akutaro character focused my attention. He looks powerful and mysterious, and in one scene it is shown that he has started talking to himself. We can say that we can see the NG Boys as enemies in the upcoming episodes.

In Bucchigiri Episode 3 review, Our main character is stuck among three squads and he has to work hard to make his life journey better. The story revolves around Arajin being in love and fighting between the squads. The writer has still kept a secret about Senya, let’s see what else will happen besides fighting in the next episode.

In Bucchigiri Episode 3 review, I liked Mahoro’s character because I liked to see funny moments with Arajin when she realized that Arajin likes her, the funniest thing was when Mahoro shouted very loudly in Makatara’s ear.

In Bucchigiri Episode 3 review, This anime is full of comedy moments, where we get to see a lot of comedy scenes like when Arajin becomes a member of Sigma Squad and celebrates his welcome. Fans can enjoy the fighting scenes in the anime very well which are choreographed very well.

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