25 Best Yuri Manhwa To Read in 2024 Ranked

Best Yuri Manhwa

Yuri, a genre celebrating romantic relationships between women, has grown in popularity, offering diverse stories beyond traditional themes. In 2024, the world of Yuri Manhwa continues to enchant readers with captivating stories. Here’s a curated list of the 25 best Yuri Manhwa to read in 2024 

1. Ring My Bell

Exciting news brings Mai Sohn, a talented writer, a promising offer from a renowned publisher to create a webcomic centred on relationships. However, her joy is short-lived as she faces a sudden breakup with her girlfriend. The story unfolds as Mai grapples with heartbreak and puzzling behaviour from her neighbour.

2. Love Doctor

The Story of the manhwa revolves around Jung Erae, who is unaware of relationships and unintentionally pushes away any person of interest that possibly comes her way. To solve this problem of her’s, she approaches a mysterious love expert named Cha Yoon. After a course of time, Jung surprisingly found herself attracted to this love expert.

3. Her Tale Of Shim Chong

Set in a historical setting, Shim Chong, a poor girl, rescues a drowning girl who shares a similar desire for a different life. Exploring class differences, the manhwa delves into the blossoming connection between two young women from contrasting backgrounds. The tale weaves a story of love, sacrifice, and societal expectations, providing a unique perspective on historical romance.

4. Mojito

Xiao Zhong, a supermodel, and Mushen Lin, a successful lawyer, navigate the challenges of being outed as lesbians. “Mojito” offers a refreshing take on showbiz romance, depicting a couple already in love facing external obstacles. The Manhwa explores the complexities of fame, love, and the courage required to overcome societal judgments in a heartwarming and engaging manner.

5. SQ: Begin W/ Your Name

Sung Jin’s less-than-ideal first encounter with Qui Tong sets the stage for a middle school romance. As they get to know each other, surrounded by friends, “SQ: Begin W/ Your Name” on this list of best Yuri Manhwa, explores the complexities of teenage relationships. With endearing characters and a relatable setting, the Manhwa captures the essence of youthful romance and self-discovery.

6. Soulmate

In a poignant tale of love and loss, Yu Qi and Yuanzi navigate a terminal illness. When Yu Qi wakes up in her high school body, she strives to meet Yuanzi earlier in life, creating emotional moments and a longing for more time together. “Soulmate” beautifully combines themes of time travel, fate, and the enduring power of love, offering readers a heartfelt and thought-provoking narrative.

7. Pulse

Next on the list of best Yuri Manhwa is “Pulse”. In “Pulse,” Mel, a highly accomplished cardiac surgeon, navigates a demanding career while viewing intimacy as a pleasurable escape. Her pragmatic approach shifts when she encounters a remarkable individual, prompting a profound introspection on her long-held perceptions of sexuality. The narrative unfolds through self-discovery, unexpected emotional connections, and the complexities of balancing personal and professional life.

8. A Joyful Life

Joy Ahn, an office worker seeking fulfilment, reconnects with Aerie Park, an out lesbian. “A Joyful Life” delves into adult life, past loves, and the pursuit of meaningful connections that withstand the test of time. With relatable characters and a focus on rediscovering joy, the manhwa explores the complexities of relationships and the importance of genuine connections.

9. My Dear Enemy

Shen and Jiang, office rivals, are in an unexpected situation after a drunken night. As their interactions take a surprising turn, “My Dear Enemy” explores office romance, first loves, and the magnetic pull of opposites. This list of best Yuri manhwa, combines humour, romance, and workplace dynamics, creating a delightful and engaging narrative.

10. The Glass

 Lara’s life takes a turn when pop superstar Suni reenters her life. “The Glass” explores themes of friendship, fame, and rekindling connections in the face of unexpected circumstances. With elements of nostalgia and the exploration of the entertainment industry, the manhwa offers readers a glimpse into the complexities of relationships in the public eye making it one of the best yuri manhwa.

11. Angels and Demons

In a bid to forge peace between demons and angels, a unique matrimonial plan is devised. Jiacheng, a devil, and Yu Shanshan, an angel, find themselves selected as partners in this audacious endeavour. As they embark on a year-long period of close observation, their journey becomes a delightful cohabitation filled with unforeseen challenges.

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12. It Would Be Great If You Didn’t Exist

After an intense kiss with Jang-Mi, Guk-Hwa is left unexpectedly haunted by her ex-boyfriend. As the two navigate their complex emotions, their lives become intertwined, revealing layers of their past disagreements and creating an intricate love triangle.

13. The Third Party

The story of the manhwa revolves around a pretty and wealthy girl who is also the successor of the GBS broadcasting center . A highly ambitious and good-looking boy who is an aspiring news anchor and a stunning backstage producer who is holding a secret. Three different people with different needs and wants.

14 . Lilith

This manhwa is about Jaehee, according to the outside world, she is merely a shy and hardworking school teacher, but her main life starts outside the school, where she likes to bow to the end of the whip while Hulin, her school friend, holds the handle. Things drastically change when Sulhwa joins the school as a teacher and Jaehee has to find a way to get pleasure from agony.

15. Girl in the Birdcage

In Yeonkwang Arts High School, where divisions among students are stark, a new story unfolds. Chung-Eun’s unrequited feelings for Yumi, portrayed in “Girl in the Birdcage” add depth to the story making it one of the best Yuri Manhwa. Yumi, with her ambitions, becomes a main character in this captivating tale of love and personal aspirations amid the social dynamics of the school

16. Blooming Sequence

Seowoo’s life takes an unforeseen twist when she encounters a girl singing “Dancing in the Rain” on a rainy night, and this sets the stage for “Blooming Sequence.” This captivating moment becomes the catalyst for a delightful story of affection and blossoming romance within the confines of the film club.

17. Between Summer and Fall

In “Between Summer and Fall,” Ga-ul and Yuh-reum, daughters of long-time friends, share a profound connection that began at age seven. As accomplished athletes navigating the challenges of high school, their decade-spanning tale explores growth, affection, and companionship

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18. The Chain Of Youth

Jia’s ordinary life takes an extraordinary turn in “The Chain of Youth ” as she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Yoona, a beautiful girl at their school. Their blossoming romance becomes the focus of this captivating journey, as Yoona’s true essence becomes a mystery to unravel, making Youtch Chain one of the best Yuri Manhwa. 

19. Partition

In the world of office dynamics and unexpected twists, “Partition” introduces Lee Yu-na and Han Yu-na. Their professional lives intertwine, bringing unexpected turns fueled by a joyful demeanour and a heart as pure as an angel’s, challenging the boundaries of their relationship.

20. Just Right There!

The story of this manhwa revolves around Min Do Yeon, she is an art teacher and has a boyfriend to whom she is engaged. Things take a drastic turn when Min Do Yeon’s boyfriend breaks up with her via text. She cried to her best friend about it and then they went to a bar to change Min Do Yeon’s mood, they didn’t know that it was an “Only Girls” bar. There, they got heavily drunk and kissed a stranger who would probably shift her life. One of the best yuri manhwa to read.

21 . My Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend

Embark on another Yuri Manhwa journey where two girls face the haunting intrusion of one of their ex-boyfriends. “My Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend” explores the complexities of current and past relationships, revealing an unexpected connection that refuses to give them the space they seek.

22. White Angels Have No Wings

The manhwa is about a catholic school where everything seems peaceful. But, Ayeon is bullied in the school daily, until one day, a girl named Yeonhwa saves her from the bullies. Ayeon is thankful to Yeonhwa for saving her, but there is much more for Yeohwa, not just good intentions, which Ayeon fails to realize. One of the best Yuri manhwa to read.

23. Opium

 “Opium” unravels a compelling love story between American doctor Maria Arden and Korean woman Dr. Kyeongju Lee in post-war Korea (1946). Amidst the illegal opium trade, their intense and steamy affair forms the crux of this best Yuri manhwa. The chemistry between Maria and Kyeongju, coupled with the historical backdrop, makes “Opium” an interesting exploration of love against the tumultuous setting of 1940s Korea.

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24. Would you? Could you?

Contrary to typical romance manhwa, “Would You? Could You?” intricately weaves a love triangle involving Saeha, Yunseo, and Juna. The complex dynamics add a dramatic flair, making it a challenging choice for readers to pick sides. As the story unfolds, the intricate relationships between these three women deepen, offering a compelling plot filled with tension and character development.

25. Moonlight Garden 

In another best yuri manhwa, “Moonlight Garden,” mystical flower beings are trapped in a lonely place, providing companionship to those who enter. Their unique charm and otherworldly appeal captivate everyone around them. Dohwa, longing for freedom, turns to crafting elixirs in the hope that they hold the key to her liberation. This manhwa seamlessly blends fantasy, romance, and the pursuit of freedom into a captivating plot.

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