15 Best Historical Manhwa That Deserves Your Attention

Manhwa is the corresponding word for the Korean comic that differentiates it from the Japanese Manga and Chinese Manhua. Although Manga is at the top, Manhwa enjoys strong support. The content of the Historical Manhwa seems to be rich and diverse and can attract audiences who have interest in history. We’ve compiled a list of 15 best Historical Manhwa for you!

Best Historical Manhwas for You!

15.  Actually, I Was the Real One

Best Historical Manhwa
Actually, I was the real one

In Actually, I Was the Real One, Keira, who is being a superb and submissive blissful daughter, fantasizes about her father. On the other hand, after Keira asserts her position as the real daughter, she is beheaded falsely. On the contrary, Cosette confesses, “Truthfully, you were the real one”. Nevertheless, in this story of love and self-mystification, who cares who is the fake one? Hence, Keira starts all over again and will live for the first time for herself.

14. Carrier Falcon Princess

Carrier Falcon Princess

Given by Carrier Falcon Princess, the princess, who is eighth royal princess of Roymonde, is called Princess Zeline. Facing imminent destruction in war, she gets captured and turned into the enemy’s messenger falcon. She faces the same challenges as before, except with a new firm, a bird this time. Nevertheless, she fights for her country.

13. Beware of The Villainess

Beware of The Villainess

A girl was plugged into the historical novel with the turn to become the main villainess. But of course, she was absolutely not at all willing to do what was expected, but she was perfectly capable of derailing the story. Being aware of the intention of the four male MCs to exploit and take advantage of the female MC, she was ready to abort them all, so that the female lead could get all the glory.

12. Vampire of the East

Vampire of the East

Vampire of the East is about Yangsun, a bookseller who is ashamed that she hides her true face. After the destruction of her family, she comes to Eumseokgol to deliver books. At the sight of her great beauty, the scholar Kim Sungyul who is in fact a vampire, sees her. The trajectories of their meet upon the backdrop of peril that their village faces.

11. Complying with Imperial Edict

Complying with Imperial Edict

In Complying with Imperial Edict, the granddaughter of Situ Xiu, is an ominous distraction in the Xia Kingdom. Tiny and weak, cowardly and a stutterer, she needs to rise immediately to a situation of great challenge with her brother, the young general, escapes from his position. The Emperor, who had no idea of the situation, released a royal decree, which ensured that the brother would lead the war against the invaders. The god of war from the enemy country, Cha must be faced by Miss Situ as she pretends to be her brother and follows him.

10.  Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage

 Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage

Our heroine found herself the heroine of a novel, but in the role that would end in death. she is not going to tolerate that. Thanks to her knowledge, she would definitely come up with an idea that might save her. The starting point would be not marrying the crown prince her father designated to her. After clarifying it, all fellas will murder those who went against him. Secondly, leaving the country could imply that she had committed some crime to attract killing herself.

9. I Married the Male Lead’s Dad

I Married the Male Lead’s Dad

In I Married the Male Lead’s Dad, Aisha Heathcliff, a die-hard fan of novel character Abel Louvremont, finds herself suddenly in the world of her favourite novel. Abel is, nevertheless, a child, and Aisha’s desire for her continues as she observes Aisha at her distance. But it is wrong, and instead, she is contracted to marry Duke Hades Louvremont, father of Abel. It all happened like that, and our heroine is the new mother of the MC. This tale combines romance, magic, and humour, and unrolls in the Crescent Empire.

8. My Gently Raised Beast

My Gently Raised Beast

My Gently Raised Beast, based on real-life Cinderella story, follows Blondina. Having been born in poverty and experiencing an abusive childhood, she finds out that she is the princess of the Ates Empire. But just at the same, her estranged father and half-siblings snub her when she moves into the palace. Everything changes once she becomes friends with Amon, a cat-like being with a mysterious agenda.

7. I Stan the Prince

I Stan the Prince

In I Stan the Prince, embarrassing fanfic of Angela about the removed Prince Rayburn unexpectedly turns into literally success. Confound and in hot water with the current imperial dynasty. Angela is tasked with writing a sequel in an attempt to restore the stained name of Rayburn. Nevertheless, the prince grew to hate her upon the publication of the first novel. Can Angela melt Rayburn’s icy exterior or will she get another story for her book?

6. I Shall Master this Family

I Shall Master this Family

The Lombardi family was in total chaos after the death of their patriarch, Firentia’s grandfather. When she gets to the point of her untimely death, she’s reborn as her seven-year-old self. Will she employ this opportunity to take her family, or she will fail?

5. Villains are Destined to Die

Villains are Destined to Die

During an Otome game (like a dating game for ladies), a player is thrown into the game’s world and possesses the body of the game’s Primary Antagonist, Penelope Eckhard. Her diary is riddled with the negative aspects of a hard-core mode where if you die, you die for good, just like in Minecraft’s hard-core mode. 

4. The Elixir of the Sun

The Elixir of the Sun

The Elixir of the Sun follows Bayan, a person who has healing skills and displacement among Siyo tribe. In such conditions, she is on her way to Dhan, the Great Sun Emperor’s court. Gorged with the never-ending desire to kill, Dhan savagely kills his harems. Bayan’s fate sems to be in the hands of someone else, but with their will and unity, they may be able to change the fate of both of them.

3. The Princess Is Evil

The Princess Is Evil

In The Princess Is Evil, the witch Mkhaila that was more than 300 years old falls victim to a good-natured human. Renascence in the guise of a princess of a ferocious and conflicted imperial family, she has to deal with jaundiced siblings who want throne. Maybe she will be the one who takes over this throne as an emperor. 

2. My Royal Awakening

My Royal Awakening

My Royal Awakening is a story about an average man who is born in the Joseon Dynasty. However, it’s getting a little sour for his little younger brother, Yonsan, one of the most cruel kings in the Joseon Dynasty. And here it is again, the history might change with the one who just decided to act on his own, the new Grand Prince Jin-seong.

1. The Villainess Lives Again

The Villainess Lives Again

The joy of Artezia Rosan in The Villainess Lives Again, stayed with her brother. As a cunning puppet master, she ushered him onto the throne of the empire. The trampled and imprisoned live through the rescue from Grand Duke Cedric. Now awakened much earlier, she makes a promise to assist Cedric, in dethroning the king of evil reigning over them. During that, she will try to kill her brother and at the same time she will fall in love with him.

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