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Parasyte: The Grey Netflix Reveals New Trailer, Cast, and Release Date And More

Parasyte The Grey

Parasyte: The Grey is an action series, which is based on the popular Hitoshi Iwaaki’s sci-fi horror manga. The ‘Parasyte: The Grey ‘ was published in 1989 and continued publishing in 1994 by Kodansha. Well, we know that it’s based on a Japanese manga but the Korean production is making it into a television series.

In this series, Jung Soo In is the main female character, who is infected by a parasite on her hand. After that, she started behaving strangely as her brain was not working properly. These parasites fell from space and started to kill humans to gain power. They also controlled the human brain and body to stay alive in this world. Choi Jun Kyung is the team leader of the parasite life team ‘ The Grey’. After her husband’s death due to a parasite attack, she started to get rid of this parasite’s water.

Seol Kang Woo also joins her team to chase parasite water, because his sister is missing. But Netflix didn’t take any main characters of the manga and ‘Parasyte: The Grey’ is not a direct adaptation of the Japanese manga. Some plots and some elements are similar to the manga but it has a different story. That’s why the characters and the protagonist are different. If you are interested then you should take a look at the new trailer. Netflix recently released the new trailer for this live-action series.

The new trailer of ‘Parasyte: The Grey’

The new trailer of the ‘Parasyte: The Grey ‘ series brought many different elements and it is quite unfamiliar to the manga readers. Netflix launched a two-minute 18-second trailer, where some alien parasites kidnapped humans to dominate the world and want to take control over human beings. Jung Soo In is a young woman who is taken over by the parasites. She has to live with parasites and they also featured the ‘The Grey’ team. If you still haven’t watched the trailer then you can watch it Here

Main Cast And Crew

Parasyte: The Grey is directed by Yeon Sang-Ho, who is a famous director in the Korean industry. Ryu Yong Jae is the screenwriter of this series. In this drama, the main character Jung Soo In is played by the popular actress Jeon So Nee. She is taken by the parasites, we can see her in the new trailer. ‘The Grey’ team leader Choi Joon Kyung is perfectly played by Lee Jung Hyun. Seol Kang Woo is one of the main characters, this role is played by the famous actor Koo Kyo Hwang. There are also many supporting roles. Some important supporting roles are the detective, played by Kwon Hae Hyo and Cheol Min’s junior, played by Kim In Kwon. 

Release Date of Parasyte: The Grey

Netflix Release Parasyte: The Grey trailer on 20th March 2024. Netflix also revealed the release date of this series is 5th April 2024. This drama is going to be launched every Friday on Netflix. If you are interested in this action series then you must check it out. 

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Episodes And Reviews

Parasyte: The Grey will contain 6 episodes, which will be aired on Netflix from 5th April 2024. It is also an 18+ series because it has a lot of violence and actions. After releasing the trailer, the series gained more popularity in the world. So it’s sure that the series is going to be a masterpiece. The trailer gets 94k views and 3.6k likes on YouTube. And many fans commented on the video. So you can assume the craziness of this series. So what are you waiting for? Go and watch the trailer now. 

You can enjoy this action drama from 5th April 2024 on Netflix. If you want more details about Parasyte: The Grey, then you should follow our website for more updates. 

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