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Butareba: The Pig Isekai Light Novel End in Next Volume on March 8

IdeOtaku | Butareba: The Pig Isekai Light Novel End in Next Volume on March 8

Now its’ Confirmed, that the Butareba light novel series is finally going to end, according to the update of the Japanese official site, Butareba’s 9th volume will be released on 8 March. Butareba’s 9th volume, which is being called the n-th, is going to be the last light novel of Butreba’s .

Light novel story, after hearing this news, fans will be a little happy and a little sad too, because this is their favorite light novel of many fans and those people have just come to see the happy ending.

The hugely fan-favorite Butareba light novel started being published on March 10, 2020, but volume 9 is, to be the last volume of Butareba light novel, if we talk about the Butareba light novel or manga series, the skilled writer of both Takuma Sakai and the beautiful illustration is by Asagi Tosaka. Butareba light novel has been released in 8 volumes, and the credit for publishing both Butareba light novel and manga in English has been given to the J-novel club.

KODAKAWA a Japanese Official site announced that Butareba’s light novel Volume 9 will be the last. So, how will Butareba’s life journey end, where will it end, and in what form will it end, in Human form or Pig Form? All this remains to be seen in the next volume.

 The story of this Butareba light novel became famous when it was adapted into an anime, done by anime production Studio Project No.9. Butareba’s new anime episodes are already being broadcast from October 8, 2023, a total of 12 episodes are broadcast where a new episode can be seen every Friday on Crunchyroll.

Butareba: The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig is a Isekai Light Novel

About the story of Butareba light novel : One day the protagonist, who is a university student, is suffering from hunger, he eats raw pig’s liver, due to which he starts having stomach pain so, he is about to die. After that, the protagonist is reincarnated into the world in the form of a new pig. He is trapped in a cage; his problems are not solved until Jess comes. Jess is a beautiful girl who has special abilities, she can read the minds of others.

Jess believes that there is no harm in living like an innocent pig. Reincarnated Pig does not have any special ability to help Jess but still, he has a vast knowledge of past life, a sharp mind, and a nose which helps him to live his life in the form of a pig.

Butareba: The Pig Isekai Light Novel End in Next Volume on March 8


In the Isekai genre, most anime have a very different story in which the main character travels to another world through reincarnation, and faces a lot of challenges, Butareba’s story also starts with the same.

In Butareba light novel, the main character who is an Otaku is now in the new world and has no special power with which he can face the problems that come, calling a pig the main character in some events would be very different because In anime, manga, or light novel, it is seen that the main character comes with special powers and special backstory which makes them look different and powerful in the plot. Whereas here in Butareba light novel, the story revolves around the main character, where Pig’s journey begins with excitement, comedy, and a lovely friendship.

In many Isekai anime, novel and manga in which the protagonist faces many battles, has unique weapons, and special powers, and goes on an adventure-filled journey.

Even though Butabera light novel is also an Isekai genre, the goal of its story is slightly different. Yes, we can say that the story of Butareba light novel seems to be different, because the protagonist is not tall, handsome, has spikey hair, and has a perfect personality, yet the pin color pig as a protagonist and the character of Jess has been made very well. Where the main focus of the story is on the adventure and action going on in the journey of a pig and a dear friend/lover, the writer has used a bit of humour which gives very good comic relief.

Along with this, there is a love conversation between Pig and Jess, in which Jess does not utter any insulting words, also their chatting is not simple, both of them are connected telepathically. Well, the journey of a pig is as simple as seen on the cover page of the novel, and the synopsis reminds us of a simple fairy tale, but its a half-true, the real drama and adventure you can enjoy when you read that novel.

 If we talk about the main story of Butareba light novel, it reminds us of some other anime stories like From the New World and EIGHTY-SIX. Even though, Pig and Jess take their first steps into the world of magic spells in their journey, it looks like they are probably searching for a way to turn Pig back into a human, as seen in Grimoire of Zero, am I right?

In my own opinion, I like reading this novel because Butareba’s comedy, heartfelt, adventure, and emotional events make this story different from other novels. Fans of Re: Zero will love reading this novel because, in both of them, the main character does not have any special abilities but still they struggle with their lover in this cruel world and move forward.

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