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10 Best Time Skip In Manhwa That Changed Everything


Time skips in manhwa can create suspense and advance plots but also risk confusing or disappointing readers if poorly executed. In this article, we explore 10 examples of the best time skip in Manhwa that transformed characters and captivated fans. 
Some were beneficial, some detrimental; some expected, some shocking; some short, some long. But all significantly impacted their stories. Let’s dive in and see how the best time skip in Manhwa can change everything.

10 Best Time Skip In Manhwa That Changed Everything

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling features one of the best time skip in Manhwa. After Sung Jin-Woo becomes the world’s strongest hunter, it jumps 10 years, elevating the story’s stakes and scope. This beneficial, expected long skip increased anticipation to see Jin-Woo handle new threats. It enhanced Solo Leveling’s quality and popularity through its success in advancing the plot and character growth.

2. Tower of God

Tower of God’s 5-year time skip stands among the best time skip in manhwa for its bold narrative impact despite initial reader frustration. The disruptive yet masterful time gap explores profound themes while introducing captivating new plot threads and character arcs, heightening emotional investment in Tower of God’s expanding universe and mysteries. This impactful choice cements the manhwa’s status as one of the most acclaimed examples of time-skipped storytelling.

3. The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End’s extensive 7-year time skip is one of Manhwa’s best, propelling the story forward through deep character growth and expanded world-building. This well-executed narrative device enhances storytelling by organically maturing Arthur and relationships, heightening reader engagement as he navigates compelling new arcs and antagonists emerging from his formative travels. The realistic progression solidifies the manhwa’s place among the medium’s most impactful time-skipped tales.

4. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint demonstrates one of the best time skip in Manhwa through its clever 3-year gap. This impactful narrative device enriches characterization by exploring the emotional growth of protagonists in Kim Dokja’s poignant absence while setting up intriguing season 2 mysteries that heighten reader investment.

The well-executed time skip accentuates the unique charm and quality of this meta tale, solidifying Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint among Manhwa’s most acclaimed examples of transformative time jumps.

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5. The Breaker

The Breaker stands among Manhwa’s most divisive yet impactful time skips through its daring 1-year narrative leap. Though polarizing fans, this bold choice radically transforms storytelling by exploring Shi-Woon Yi’s struggles after losing abilities, introducing compelling new arcs even as relationships intriguingly distance.

The Breaker’s controversial yet creative use of the time skip device showcases Manhwa’s potential for masterful, risky evolution of beloved tales, solidifying its place among the medium’s most memorable time jumps despite mixed reactions.

6. Noblesse

Noblesse’s 820-year time skip is one of the best time skip in Manhwa, as it concludes the story of Rai and his friends, who are noble vampires in the modern world. The time skip shows the contrast and the evolution of the characters and the world, as well as their bonds and values. 

The time skip is expected, beneficial, and long, as it covers 820 years of their history. The time skip increases the satisfaction and the gratitude of the readers, who see how the characters end and begin their lives. The time skip completes the quality and the legacy of the manhwa.

7. Unordinary

Unordinary’s 2-year time skip is one of the best time skip in Manhwa, as it changes everything for John and his friends, who live in a world where abilities determine rank. The time skip shows how the school and the characters have reacted to John’s reign as the Joker, the king of the school. 

The time skip is detrimental, shocking, and short, as it creates questions, curiosity, and impatience for the readers. The time skip also opens new possibilities, perspectives, and conflicts for the characters, making them more mature, aware, and conflicted. The time skip sparks interest and discussion among the readers, who have mixed feelings about the story and the characters. The time skip renews the identity and the direction of the manhwa.

8. Sweet Home

Sweet Home’s 1-month time skip is one of the best time skip in Manhwa, as it shows the survival and growth of Cha Hyun-Soo and his friends, who escaped a monster apocalypse in their apartment. 

The time skip is beneficial, expected, and short, as it shows the progress, the hope, and the regrets of the characters. The time skip also continues the story, the adventure, and the mystery of the characters, making the readers more suspenseful, thrilled, and curious. The time skip maintains the quality and the appeal of the manhwa.

9. Bastard

Bastard’s 10-year time skip is one of the best time skips in Manhwa, as it shows the healing and happiness of Jin Seon and his girlfriend, who escaped from a serial killer father. The time skip is beneficial, expected, and long, as it shows the closure, the recovery, and the forgiveness of the characters. 

The time skip also ends the story, the horror, and the characters’ pain, making the readers relieved, joyful, and admiring. The time skip fulfills the quality and the message of the manhwa.

10. Lookism

Lookism is one of the best time skip in Manhwa, as it shows how the characters have grown and overcome their challenges in two years. The manhwa is a hilarious and insightful story of Park Hyung-Suk, who switches between a fat and ugly body and a handsome and fit one. The time skip in Lookism is beneficial, expected, and short, as it continues the comedy, action, and social commentary of the manhwa.


Lookism’s 2-year time skip is one of the best time skip in Manhwa, as it shows the development and achievement of Park Hyung-Suk, who has two different bodies.
The time skip is beneficial and expected, as it continues the comedy and commentary of the story. The time skip also enhances the quality and the charm of the manhwa. If you enjoyed this article, please share it and leave a comment.
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